Interview mit Stefan Weinerhall von Falconer

Ein Interview von Odin vom 01.12.2001 (10190 mal gelesen)
Just back from the studio.

Nat:   Stefan, you are just back from the studio recording the second album for Falconer entitled "Chapters From A Vale Forlorn". The release has been announced for March 11th 2002 by MetalBlade. How did everything work out during the recordings?

Stefan:   The result of it is great and we're very satisfied, I think the sound is better this time. You can hear everything instead of everything floating together in a distorted layer. We did have some problems though with the equipment so the session took a while longer than we had planned, but the endresult became great and that's the important thing. Since I think it's fun to be in the studio it didn't really mind me but on the other hand, when I have a schedule and don't manage to keep it it's a bit annoying.

Nat:   Has the album a common topic it deals with or what are the lyrical contents?

Stefan:   It's like the last time. It deals with both historical themes and the present society and some more emotional lyrics, a little bit of everything. I just write what I feel for the moment, I don't have any special plan since before that I want to write about.

Nat:   Not long ago we received the surprising news of your confirmation to play at next year's Wacken Open Air (1.-3. August 2002, Wacken, Germany). What changed your mind about the matter of live appearances?

Stefan:   The fans. As simple as that. We received piles of wishes and requests to play live and we thought : allright we suddenly have a bunch of people who'd love to see us live, so we felt a bit obliged to satisfy their needs. I know I've said that it hasn't been any of my dreams to play live but on the other hand: I don't want to regret that I didn't do it in the future. It will be an interesting experience I'm sure. Of course the label pushed us too so they could sell more (what else) but the main reason is to grant the fans their wishes.

Nat:   Might this decision even lead to a promotional tour for the upcoming album?

Stefan:   According to Metal Blade, yes. A 2-3 week tour in middle Europe. When, how etc I don't know yet. I guess in April or May.

Nat:   Has the line-up changed or will you have guest musicians with you?

Stefan:   No we don't have any extrapeople yet, but I will get to it a.s.a.p.

Nat:   Some people wondered and asked, whether you might lately have spent any thought on returning to the musical style of Mythotyn?

Stefan:   No way, I've past that level now. I won't go back in evolution since it can't bring me anything satisfaction. I don't regret my past, it brought me where I am now. And I still want to go forward.

Nat:   Thanks a lot for the interview. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Wacken 2002!

Stefan:   Thank you, and thanks to all people who dig our music, hope to see you in Wacken......since it was you that actually made us play there he-he. All the best!!


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