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Livebericht Falconer (mit Doomsword und Axenstar)

Ein Livebericht von TexJoachim aus Essen (Zeche Carl) - 12.01.2004 (11767 mal gelesen)
AXENSTAR had the thankless task to fire up the audience of the show in Germany's Ruhrgebiet.
Thankless simply because a mere number of fifty metalmaniacs were present in the Zeche Carl.
The guys were nonetheless able to accomplish their mission successfully, especially with strong songs like 'Blind Leading The Blind' and 'Death Denied'. Now, if Magnus (vocals/keys) starts to communicate with his audience, or at least try to make eye contact when addressing the crowd, and does not turn his back to the hall during his infrequent keyboard parts the reactions of said audience will respond even more enthusiastically.

Fortunately, the Zeche Carl got filled with 150 metalheads during the in the pause before the next set. If you were not there, kick yourself in the but. Now. With vigour!

After the first measures from DOOMSWORD it was clear: a large proportion of the audience were here because of them. No wonder, there was Viking-Doom par excellence. When singer Deathmaster removed his shirt and let beer flow from his horn into his mouth (and face as well as upper body), all reserve was given up. Especially in parts of the non-male crowd.
The great performance of the band was only interrupted by a 'Happy Birthday' sing-along by the audience: it was Guardian Angels's II birthday today.
There is only one end result: good Viking-Metal can come from Italy, too!

Several questions moved through the hall before FALCONER entered the stage: "How will the singer make his stand?", "How will the rest of the band make its stand?"
To make it short: two times the the best possible grades! Neither Kristoffer Göbel, nor the rest of the pack left a fan disappointed.
The band played tightly, powerfully, always in motion, bursting with the fun to play for their crowd. The audience showed a kind of lyric-knowledge that I had previously only encountered with BLIND GUARDIAN and sang the songs thrillingly. We got:
'Quest For The Crown'
'Enter The Glade'
'The Coronation'
'Lord Of The Blacksmiths'
'Pledge For Freedom'
'Decadence Of Dignity'

With 'The Sceptre Of Deception' the regular set ended with pride. Deathmaster (vocals,DOOMSWORD) and Magnus (vocals, AXENSTAR) entered the stage and performed the song together with Kris.

But the crowd wanted more and more it got: Kris alone came back on the stage, armed with a guitar and gave us a song that was only released on the Japanese version of "Chapters ...". Although almost no one knew the song and probably not many more were fluent in Swedish, a spark jumped from the stage to the crowd. Dreamlike.

Now 'Mindtraveller' and 'The Clarion Call' were blasted into the audience and the concert came to its final end. But not completely, something was still to come!

After a short break, all musicians came to the anteroom of the Zeche and you could down a beer with them, get shirts and booklets signed or just clap them on their shoulders. Stefan enjoyed being payed homage and, as drummer Karsten, was happily chatting with fans.

As a final note: thanks to AXENSTAR, DOOMSWORD and FALCONER for the wonderful evening.
Location Details
Zeche Carl in Essen (Deutschland)
Adresse:Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100
45326 Essen
Anfahrt:Aus Düsseldorf:
A52 Ausfahrt "Essen-Süd". Die Ampel an der Ausfahrt geradeaus. Nicht vom Schild "Altenessen rechts" irritieren lassen. Ignoriert das. Fahrt einfach geradeaus. Niemals abbiegen, immer nur geradeaus. So fahrt Ihr durch die Essener City in Richtung Norden nach Altenessen. Ihr findet uns auf der rechten Seite vor einer alten Eisenbahnbrücke.

Aus Duisburg / Oberhausen:
A42 Ausfahrt Essen Altenessen: An der Ampel links, nächste Ampel wieder links. Ihr befindet Euch jetzt auf der Altenessener Str., die nach ca. 300 m in die Wilhelm-Nieswandt übergeht. Vor der alten Eisenbrücke links abbiegen und Ihr seid da.

Aus Dortmund / Bochum:
A42 Ausfahrt Essen Altenessen: An der Ampel rechts, nächste Ampel wieder links. Ihr befindet Euch jetzt auf der Altenessener Str., die nach ca. 300 m in die Wilhelm-Nieswandt übergeht. Vor der alten Eisenbrücke links abbiegen und Ihr seid da.


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