Interview mit Stefan Weinerhall von Falconer

Ein Interview von TexJoachim vom 26.05.2004 (11708 mal gelesen)
I can tell you that I was shocked when I heard of yet another FALCONER split. So, within seconds I mailed my questions to Stefan and he kindly answered them.

Stefan, in your statement from May 23, you mentioned that two different camps formed in the discussion on FALCONER's future. Could you add some detail to this? What exactly were the two paths that FALCONER could have followed?

Stefan Weinerhall: Peder strongly felt like his ideas of a more punk rock feeling in the music would be great. His and Nadir's other band GUINEAPIGS is a bit punky. The rest of us did not want that kind of change. The songs that are written so far have generally a higher tempo than before and are a bit more rawer and tougher than before. Peder is not that much metal so of course he had different opinions than the rest.

Neither Peder nor Anders contributed much to the songwriting, if I read the booklets correctly. So, I suspect that material for the next CD will not directly be affected by this split. But, did the argument arise because they wanted more of their ideas expressed in FALCONER?

Stefan Weinerhall: Somewhat because of that yes. Maybe not only material but general ideas about this and that. 3 to 2 doesn't work. Especially not when the arguments got more and more threatening. The music of FALCONER will not be affected at all by this.

This is the second line-up change in a rather short time. I'm sure that some fans will be shocked by it--I am. But, as Kristoffer has proven, I think that FALCONER will prevail.

Stefan Weinerhall: No doubt of that. The song writing process and energy have not gone this smoothly ever before. I have left some more work over to Kristoffer this time. A more aggressive Falconer suites him quite good I think.

I can only agree. Thank you very much for the interview and please keep us informed on who will take over the second guitar and the bass.


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