Interview mit Joost de Graaf (vocals) von Discipline

Ein Interview von Souleraser vom 14.05.2003 (5380 mal gelesen)
Different tunes for our Zine. The legendary Hardcore Band 'Discipline' from the Netherlands are topic of this interview I did with vocalist Joost de Graaf by eMail.

Hi Guys.
First of all let me tell you how much fun I had with "Saints & Sinners". Absolutely great. I have some questions to you and here we go.
Could you please tell us something about the creation of "Saints & Sinners", like who did the songwriting, when were the songs written, a short report about the recording process and so on.

Joost de Graaf: Like on most of our albums, I write most of the songs and all the lyrics. The songs were written in between tours and shows during the year before we recorded "Saints & Sinners". We recorded the whole album in 4 days and for the mix we took another 3 days. The album was recorded at 'De Studio' in Brussels Belgium by Dirk Miers. He's great to work with and did a real good job.

What is your favourite song on "Saints & Sinners"? Personally, I like "Everywhere we go" and "Hail, hail Rock'n'Roll" very much. They're absolutely fantastic.

Joost de Graaf : My personal favorites are "Everywhere we Go" and "These Boots".

After all... are you satisfied with "Saints & Sinners"? Is this what you wanted it to sound like?

Joost de Graaf: Yes, I'm very satisfied with this album. This is the best-sounding album with the best songs we've done so far. Ofcourse there are always some things we would have done different if we had to record the album again, but I think that's something every band will always have. That's also the drive to make even a better album next time. "Saints & Sinners" finally has the sound we really want.

Discipline are one of - if not the most important European Hardcore Band. Are there bands you admire or would consider as inspiration?

Joost de Graaf: Bands which inspire me and which I admire since they've been going strong for so many years are Cock Sparrer, Rose Tattoo, Agnostic Front, The Business, Cockney Rejects, Slapshot.

What do you think about "the scene" these days? What has changed since 1990, when you started to play music?

Joost de Graaf: Well, a lot has changed since back in those days there simply was no scene. A lot of things have become better and some things have become worse. I like it like it is today. The big hype is over and only the people who are in it for the music remain. There' s plenty of shows and good releases every month so there's nothing to complain about.

How have you changed in the last 13 years? Are you still "angry young men" like in those days?

Joost de Graaf: I still get pissed off when I see a lot of shit that's going on in the world. But I've seen more of the world now then back then and I've grown older so I write my lyrics now in a different way. We've learned from our mistakes and that only makes you stronger.

Is there a person you would never want to be stuck with in an elevator?

Joost de Graaf: More than I can think of at the moment!!!

You did some live shows in 2003 already. Could you please tell us something about them?

Joost de Graaf: We did some clubshows in Germany, Holland and Belgium which were really cool. In march we went to the US for 2 weeks and we toured with bands like Agnostic Fornt, Murphy's Law, Hatebreed, Dropkick Murphy's and Roger Miret & The Disasters. Those shows were really good. Last week we went to Spain and France and in the next few months we play a lot of summer-festivals like With Full Force, Holidays in the Sun and Midsummer Hardcore Meeting.

You will be on the Tales from the Street-Festival (maybe you've been already, when this interview is released) and you will be on the with Full Force-Festival. The first one is a Hardcore/Punk/Oi-Festival only, the second one's main audience are rather Metalheads. On which kind of festival do you prefer to play?

Joost de Graaf: It really doesn't matter to me. As long as the people are into us it's fine with me. Also at WFF there are not only metalheads also a lot of HC/ Punk kids. We like all our shows and we always have fun on stage.

Do you prefer club gigs or the shows on festivals?

Joost de Graaf: It's totally different, but I must say that shows in small clubs are better because you have way more contact with the crowd.

Is there anything else you would want to tell our readers?

Joost de Graaf: Thanx for your support during the years. Make sure to check out our latest album "Saints & Sinners" on I Scream Records. We hope to see you at one of our shows in the future. Cheers!!

Well guys, thanks for your time and answering my questions. I hope you will go on with what you're doing just as good as you did the last 13 years. I wish you much fun on the upcoming shows, much success with "Saints & Sinners" and all the best.


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