Interview mit Derek von Sanctity

Ein Interview von JoS vom 03.09.2007 (5622 mal gelesen)
A cold day in Cologne. Derek and I were standing outside of the Kantine and trying to do an interview - and he had a bag hangover.

First of all give me the three most important facts about SANCTITY

Derek:We like Oldschool Metal, drink a lot of beer and we’re playing really loud every night.

Well, you say you like the oldschool Metal but on your album there are some modern elements, so what makes the typical SANCTITY Sound?

Derek: We didn’t want to sound like an old school metal band, the album had to be in time. It’s how we imagine what we want. That doesn’t mean we go back in time, just keep it in mind and that’s why it has to sound modern.

The Album is very aggressive, of course, but there are also some melancholic moments. So, what’s the major influence on writing?

Derek: All we did was just lock ourselves in our little stinky practice room to write things that sound the way we wanted to. We wanted an aggressive Album but not all the time. We wanted it to be heavy and fast but broken up by some melodies and so on, to get some atmosphere.

In Germany Road Runner sees you at the top of the label. Do you see yourself as a band that can push a label forward?

Derek: We’re gonna try to.

How does it feel to be on tour with a legend like ANNIHILATOR how does it feel to meet Jeff Waters?

Derek:It’s really amazing. He’s such a nice guy and behaving like a 14-year-old kid.

The interview went on some minutes more, but the location Derek chose was outside the Venue and Trucks were passing by every 10-15 seconds. I wasn’t able to understand a half sentence on my recording, I’m sorry. To give a short summary: The band has a deal for three more outputs, they hate doing music videos and they see themselves as really tough.


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