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Interview mit Urban (guitar) von Vomitory

Ein Interview von Souleraser vom 14.05.2004 (5679 mal gelesen)
"Primal Massacre" was one of the most important death metal albums of 2004. After all that didn't leave much of a choice but to do an interview with the band which made it: VOMITORY.
Guitarist Urban took some time to answer my questions.

  Hello VOMITORY. "Primal Massacre" is one hell of an album. Is there something like a deeper meaning in the title?

Urban:   Hello,Urban guitarist from Vomitory here.Thanks a lot for your kind words about our new album. No,We dont have a deeper meaning of our album title.It´s just more an title who describe our music i think.

  Did you receive much feedback on the album already? How were the reactions?

Urban:   Yes we got very good respons so far.The reviews are awesome and everybody seems to like it and thats good. I have only read one bad review of the new album in a net magazine.But i think the guy who had written that never had heard Death metal before.If you read all he had written about us and our music.

  And what's your personal opinion on it? Are you 100% satisfied or are there things you would do totally different with some time passed since the recordings?

Urban:   Yes we are nearly 100% satified with it .If i could do something diffrent in my opinion,I should make the guitar sound maybe little more brutal. But it´s nothing i go around and think of,The recording is a real killer as it is now.

  Could you briefly describe the recording sessions? Were the songs like ready-to-play when you entered the studio or did you still work on them?

Urban:   We always start to recording the drums and bas together.Then Ulf and me go on with the guitars.Finally Erik end with the vocals. Yes,we try to have every track ready when we enter the studio.It always goes easier to work in the studio then. On this recording we had everything ready exept for one track.But we fix it at ones when we came to the studio so it was cool.

  You're having your 15th band anniversary this year. Is there a big party planned?

Urban:   In october this year we had existed as Vomitory in 15 years.No we haven´t planned anything yeat.But i think we have to do that for sure.

  The last 15 years - in your own words please. Ups, downs, Highlights, disappointments...

Urban:   When we started up the band we had a goal and that was to get an record deal and that we could release a fullengt album. So when we look back we had get higher then had thouhgt we should do.The recipt are to never give up.Always looking forward. I couldn´t remind me any dissapointments,Maybe in -95 when our bas player and vocalist we had then,Leave the the band both at the same time. That was for diffrent reasons.But it was just me ,Ulf and Tobias left in the band,And it was very hard to find new good members.But we did at last. That was a little bit down period for us in Vomitorys history. Highlights are for sure when we released our first fullengt album.Also when we sign the record deal with Metal blade. When we did our first big european tour for Metal blade.And the open air gig at Wacken in front of thousands of metal fans

  You're one of the most touring bands in the metal scene. Don't you ever get tired or exhausted?

Urban:   I dont think we are one of the most touring bands.There are many bands who do more tours than us.But we should want to do more tours. Standing on a stage infront of people who are into death metal music are the best we can do,We love that. The reason why we not tour so mush as we want to do are that everybody in the band have regular jobs.So we take our 5 weeks of holiday as we have here in Sweden to do our tours on.

  You're part of a very exquisit package touring at the moment, including CANNIBAL CORPSE, HYPOCRISY, KATAKLYSM and others. Do you like events like the "No Mercy Festivals" or would you prefer smaller packages with just 3 or perhaps 4 bands?

Urban:   It´s to be hounored to get out on the road and touring with this bands.This festival we done was one of the best tours ever for us so far. This tour is just 14 gigs so it´s okey with this package.If it had been 30 gigs it had been to much with 8 bands. When you doing tours for 4-5 weeks it´s perfect with 3 bands.

  Almost all of these bands have released albums - more or less - recently. Is there some sort of pressure, like "Damned, we have to have the new album until that date or we won't be part of this great package", is there perhaps even some competition between the bands like who ever gets the best reviews on their CD will be the secret headliner of the tour or something?

Urban:   It was meant first that the album should been out before the tour.But it been little delayed of diffrent reasons.No there are no pressure because of that the album not been out in time. Of course it have been good if it has.But now it not been out ,so we had to built our set out of that.And that´s no problem for us. There are no competition between the bands when we are out on the road.Everybody are very kind and help each other if there are problems.Only positive atmosphere on tours.

  We're gonna see you at the "Party San" and "Summer Breeze" Open Airs in August. Do you prefer those festival gigs or club gigs? Do you prefer one *big* show in a longer period of time with maybe more time to prepare or playing several smaller shows in a shorter period?

Urban:   I like them both i think.On festival gigs everything are so big ,You play infront of many people.And perhaps you play for people who never heard you before and who start like your music. Smaller shows on clubs are very nice to,cause you get a better contact with ordience.After the gig it´s better with smaller places cause you can go around in the club and talk with the visitors and get good contact.

  How do you personally feel about webzines? Are they a plague, are they just the continueing of the former printed fanzines or what are your feelings?

Urban:   I think it´s a good form of zine.Because it´s an easy form to get out to the readers.Many many in the world have an pc.And people from the whole world could read and find your zine 24 hours per day.The usuall human being use the pc more and more so i think that it´s the future.

  Well, that's about everything. I wish you lots of fun at all your shows, much success for the album and am looking forward to many more albums. The last words of this interview belong to you. Feel free to tell our readers what you always wanted to.

Urban:   Thanks a lot to you,For having us in your zine and keep up the good work. If you dont already done it.Check out the new Vomitory "Primal massacre"album. It will fuckin blows you away. Only death is real...........


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