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Interview mit Patrick von Patrick Rondat

Ein Interview von gargantouas vom 06.05.2004 (3796 mal gelesen)
You might have read the review I did on PATRICK RONDAT’s new album. The inspiration of this guitar wizard made me to give “An Ephemeral World” an open-handed 10/10. Still, this time that I am writing this interview and the melodies from this album dress the whole room I am left speechless. What a better thing to ask a few questions to the man responsible for this whole masterpiece? PATRICK RONDAT took the time to answer to my questions instead of playing the 6-string. For that I thank him a lot. Enjoy this very interesting interview.

  Patrick thank you very much for taking the time to answer to my questions. I just hope I won’t tire you and this will be enjoyable for you to do. I also want to thank you for this masterpiece that came to my place and blew everything. My hunger for guitar music has grown again, as I am sure this album will do the same for many people. What are the first reactions (press/fans) for “An Ephemeral World”?

Patrick:   They seem to be very positive..even some consider this album as a good Metal instrumental Album which to my opinion is a bit of a Shortcut. But reactions so far are really good probably the best I ever had..

  To focus on the music of “An Ephemeral World”, I have noticed that you did the composing of this album from 2001. What did it took you so long to complete the songs? Was it a matter of time or just that you wanted to make it perfect from every aspect?

Patrick:   For me writing a good .. deep ..instrumental album is very Difficult..I really think that time is needed to have the right feeling, picture of your music..a kind of Distance For me now it is very different to write instrumental music than a song, it is not more difficult but I need more éléments .. the structure is complex but I want that still fluid and with a sensitive. Musical feeling.. Even the guitar parts are still important I want to spend more and more time on the writing part.. composing music instead of a guitar album.. it is what I try to achieve..

  I know it is strange to ask…but is there a concept behind the idea of “An Ephemeral World”?

Patrick:   Yes I guess you read the text (hopefully!!) (E.N.: I would have, unfortunately only the CD arrived here) in the album... the idea was to compare some how the ephemeral side of everything from the universe to the modern society we live in… where everything must be always quicker.. faster ..where the life of an album is about 2 month where everything must be update all the time.. I really don’t think we are going in a way to make people Happier.. What you leave for people after your death.. what you do is more important than what you ever owned.. that’s what I call passion and real dreams.. Being a star is not a dream for me

  Can you tell us a few words about ‘Tethys’? It is not very common for someone to listen to 12 minute instrumental songs. What was your intention while building this song?

Patrick:   Tethys is the old name of the méditéranean sea 200 million years ago… before continents splits.. I needed a long song technical sometimes and very atmospheric in other parts .. I love that one I guess you find everything I like in.. When I start a song I have no clue of How long it will be and I don’t mind I don’t have any format to fit.. Amphibia was more than 28 minutes some others are short..

  I have also distinguished a lot of DREAM THEATER influences? Especially on some transition moments on the songs (like the start of ‘Donkey’s Island’ and on many points on ‘Tethys’) and if this is true, I wanted to ask you if this opens new roads for your compositions or helps you to make longer songs.

Patrick:   I love that band of course I have a huge respect for what they bring in music.. but I don’t think you can compare that.. I Guess it is impossible to be confuse between me and DT .the music .. the sound ..everything is different I remember being a fan of Rush , Saga. Yes UK in the early 80’s also a fan of the Jazz rock scene..it probably come out now after working with Elegy .. But anyway there are few short pieces that you can rely to Dream Theater And it makes no Problem to me.. it is a compliment.. I always tried not to copy bands.. I had some long songs with Odd time signature..a kind of progressive climax in my music since rape of the Earth 15 years ago as soon as you played minor scales people compared you To Yngwie.. and now as soon as it is a bit Porgressive you are a Dream theater clone..

  I have also noticed that you base the songs on the atmosphere many times (‘An Ephemeral World’, ‘Tethys’) and the use of keyboards is extensive. Does this have to do with the fact that you were playing with Jean-Michel Jarre for quite some time?

Patrick:   I think it has something to do with it ..of course .. working with him influenced me.. the other thing was that for the first time Keys were there from the begining of the Writing process.. I wrote some songs Like Ephemeral world first without guitars.. I programmed the sequencers and play some Midi guitars to get that They are parts of the composition not only a kind of arrangement.. I want to go more and more in that kind of atmospheric instrumental progressive something..

  Can you also talk to me about the experience of sharing the same stage with a great musician such as Jean-Michel Jarre? I have also read some things for the concert you gave in Athens. What remains in your head from this concert? (Although this is a german webzine I am greek, so I am curious to know)

Patrick:   Playing with Jean-michel is always a great experience ..I learnt many things ..this show in greece was special.. such an important part of our History ..was there a beautiful place

  The front cover of “An Ephemeral World” is very beautiful. Is this beach the heaven (the ephemeral world) that you have in mind and if not, what is the front cover about?

Patrick:The idea was to illustrate the world with the options we have for the Future (desert or water etc..), and me as a witness with my guitar ..the tuning machine I live in this world some great things happen some bad ones too.. as an artist you live and compose with all that in mind..

  Do you think that Earth can become an ephemeral world? Are you optimistic on this matter, while all these strange things happen all around? Generally I get a very optimistic feeling through the album, am I correct?

Patrick:   I guess it is optimistic even to be honest everything as an end .. the sun will have one and us too.. that’s how goes everything since the begining in the universe I guess..it is not negative the main thing is to do our best for the human being .. and the next generations.. and enjoy the time we have .. share it .. and be the best we can with other people

  One question I always wanted to ask, especially JOE SATRIANI and STEVE VAI. How do you come up with all these strange titles for your songs (‘Born To Buy?’, ‘614 HSO’, if I am not mistaken)?

Patrick:   mm.. these are not so strange!! Born to buy is still about our society were existing is buying things.. my question is . Is that what we want to live for..? It doesn’t make any problem that we want to buy a car .. a guitar .. a computer.. the only thing it shouldn’t be our aim in life like it tend to be especially for Kids.. what is important is why do you buy them and what you will do with it.. 614 HSO is a Licence Plate number from an old Classic Movie (gone in 60 seconds 1974) I have a deep Passion for all the old american cars from the ‘70’s and this movie was a part of it.. The guy who did this movie died during a movie in 1989.. He had a dream ....doing the most crazy car chase movie ever .. and he Did it it is a part of the ephemeral side of everything even for an artist doing some thing that stays is a real aim I guess sometime your passion can make your life shorter ..I am glad that guitar is less dangerous!!

  Now that I mentioned these two names, how much have they both influenced you in your music and can you tell me a few things also from the G3 tour that you have participated? Additionally, how do you find this G3 tour idea?

Patrick:   What can I say.. Joe is an amazing musician .. very creative . he has his own sound.. style and he is a very nice Guy .. The G3 idea was great .. I mean not an egocentric shit.. just sharing the passion for your instrument with other musician..with the audience Especially now when guitars .. Solos.. are not in the mood we have to fight a little bit to exist.. like a team..

  What are you listening the last days on your stereo? Generally what are your favorite artists/bands?

Patrick:   Many bands I love porcupine tree . Spock’s beard..Dream theater ..of course all the guitar Freaks…

  Advice time. What do you advice new guitarists to do, while learning or trying to compose?

Patrick:   Try to get your own style that’s the only way.. Have influences is good but being a Clone is dangerous.. work hard .. be critic on your work and just enjoy what other players do..be critical on other musicians is useless…

  Is there going to be a tour for “An Ephemeral World”? I have seen that you will tour France quite extensively this July, but what about Europe and the rest of the world?

Patrick:   We are working on it .. I really would like to tour out of France .. we have some contact .. for Demos first in england Spain Canada ..we will see..I guess that it depends of how people will react on the album..

  I don’t want to tire you anymore. I have like another 14 questions to ask you, but I think it is better to leave you exercising your fingers on the guitar. Thank you once more for this magnificent album. If there is something that you want to add, please do it here. Once more thank you for taking the time to answer to these questions. Good luck with everything.

Patrick:   Thank you for your help;.. support and passion All the best to you all Patrick


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06.05.2004 von gargantouas

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