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FEATURE: Metal gegen Krebs-Festival 2005 - Metal gegen Krebs Festival (Souleraser, 2005-04-15)
Zum vierten Mal findet in diesem Jahr das "Metal gegen Krebs"-Festival statt. Traditionell unterscheidet sich die Stimmung auf dem Festival übrigens glücklicherweise von den eher ernsten Umständen, die dazu führten, dass es ins Leben gerufen wurde. (zum Artikel)
Bleeding For Metal Festival 2004 (TexJoachim, 2005-04-06)
Eine würdige Aufarbeitung des Festivals. (zum Artikel)
Lost Diamonds Pt. 5 (Shadowman, 2005-02-07)
Our long time supporter and metalhead (almost) since the first day Shadowman once more opens his treasure chest for us all and introduces 3 more Lost Diamonds. (zum Artikel)
"Dancing With The Dead" in own words by Peter Tägtgren - Pain (Odin, 2005-01-12)
March will see the release of the next PAIN album entitled "Dancing With The Dead". As an advance to our upcoming video interview (shot on tour last sunday) with Peter here are some details from the mastermind about his latest songs. (zum Artikel)
Lost Diamonds Prt. 4 (gargantouas, 2004-09-28)
Lost Diamonds continuation...the fourth part of it is here. Four underground classic reviews by the long time supporter Shadowman (keep up the good work dude) as well one from me...Hope you enjoy. (zum Artikel)
Sleaszy Underground Attack (gargantouas, 2004-07-10)
So, 5 CDs from Sleaszy Rider come aboard after the small interview we did with Dark Angel Promotion. Since the albums have been released a year now, I thought of making a small special presenting you these 5 albums. What to expect? A large overdose of underground the way we used to know it on the start of 90s. Enjoy. (zum Artikel)
Memories of a Pioneer - Bathory (evilshell, 2004-06-17)
Pungent Vomit, singer and guitar player for NYC's goof-core band, Intense Mutilation, remembers meeting Quorthon in the late 80s. (zum Artikel)
Nachruf auf Quorthon, RIP 07.06.2004 - Bathory (Opa Steve, 2004-06-10)
Mit Quorthon hat uns nicht nur das Mastermind von Bathory verlassen, sondern auch ein legendärer Visionär. (zum Artikel)

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