Profil von Souleraser
Name: Sebastian Hirschmann ()
eMail: souleraser at
Interviews: 63 anzeigen
Reviews: 304 anzeigen
Liveberichte: 0 anzeigen
Specials: 7 anzeigen
Bevorzugte Stilrichtung: Open to and interested in pretty much everything but doom.
10/10 Punkte: We're not worthy, we're not worthy
Deutsche Reviews von Souleraser
Sentenced - The Funeral Album (Souleraser, 2005-05-22)
Thunderstone - Tools of Destruction (Souleraser, 2005-04-24)
End Of Days - Dedicated to the Extreme (Souleraser, 2005-04-24)
Hell Within - Asylum of the human Predator (Souleraser, 2005-04-24)
Prejudice - Dominion of Chaos (Souleraser, 2005-04-24)
Disbelief - 66 Sick (Souleraser, 2005-03-20)
Liquido - Float (Souleraser, 2005-03-19)
Ektomorf - Instinct (Souleraser, 2005-03-18)
Lycosia - Lycosia (Souleraser, 2005-03-05)
Crack ov Dawn - Dawn Addict (Souleraser, 2005-03-05)
Enertia - Force (Souleraser, 2005-03-05)
Glass Casket - We are gathered here today (Souleraser, 2005-02-09)
My Cold Embrace - Katharsis (Souleraser, 2005-02-07)
Samael - Reign of Light (Souleraser, 2005-02-06)
Kreator - Enemy of God (Souleraser, 2005-02-05)
Dark Tranquillity - Character (Souleraser, 2005-01-21)
Deceiver - Deceiver (Souleraser, 2005-01-13)
Bridge to Solace - Kingdom of the Dead (Souleraser, 2005-01-13)
Agnosys - Equilibrium (Souleraser, 2004-12-24)
Dark Tranquillity - Lost to Apathy MCD (Souleraser, 2004-12-11)
Symbolic State - Circle of Dogmatic Perversions (Promo) (Souleraser, 2004-12-09)
Courageous - Inertia (Souleraser, 2004-12-09)
Children Of Bodom - Trashed, Lost & Strungout EP (Souleraser, 2004-11-27)
Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes see no future EP (Souleraser, 2004-11-27)
The Birthday Massacre - Violet (Souleraser, 2004-10-17)
Meliah Rage - Barely Human (Souleraser, 2004-10-16)
Kick - New Horizon (Souleraser, 2004-10-16)
Fallen Yggdrasil - Building up a ruin to come (Souleraser, 2004-10-08)
Julia - Songs about Decay (Souleraser, 2004-10-08)
In Battle - Welcome to the Battlefield (Souleraser, 2004-10-08)

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