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Name: Erik Hüther ()
eMail: lordfubbes at
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Reviews: 39 anzeigen
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Bevorzugte Stilrichtung: Alles, was rockt, das reicht von Beethoven über Deep Purple bis zu Kataklyzm
10/10 Punkte: Wie konnte ich vorher ohne diese Platte leben?
Deutsche Reviews von Lord Fubbes
Generation of Dawn - U.8.M. (Lord Fubbes, 2007-08-01)
Entombed - Serpent Saints (Lord Fubbes, 2007-07-28)
Blackout Argument - Munich Valor (Lord Fubbes, 2007-05-19)
Misanthropic - Reborn (Lord Fubbes, 2007-05-19)
Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising (Lord Fubbes, 2007-05-19)
Joint Depression - Savage Infinity (Lord Fubbes, 2007-05-19)
Pro-Pain - Age Of Tyrrany (Lord Fubbes, 2007-03-29)
Parricide - Patogen (Lord Fubbes, 2007-03-26)
Discreation - Order To Advance (Lord Fubbes, 2007-03-13)
Axxis - Best of Axxis (Lord Fubbes, 2006-12-03)
Dead Man In Reno - same (Lord Fubbes, 2006-11-01)
The Arcane Order - The Machinery Of Oblivion (Lord Fubbes, 2006-11-01)
Vader - Impressions In Blood (Lord Fubbes, 2006-08-21)
The Gathering - Home (Lord Fubbes, 2006-06-28)
Machinemade God - The Infinity Complex (Lord Fubbes, 2006-06-28)
Vader - The Art of War (Lord Fubbes, 2006-02-17)
The Project Hate - Armageddon March Eternal (Symphonies of slit wrists) (Lord Fubbes, 2006-01-16)
Nocte Obducta - Nektar II (Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher) (Lord Fubbes, 2005-05-16)
Blooddawn - Kill or be Killed (Lord Fubbes, 2005-05-15)
Napalm Death - The Code is red...Long live the Code (Lord Fubbes, 2005-05-06)
Deadspawn - Slaughter Cattle (Lord Fubbes, 2005-01-14)
God Dethroned - In the Lair of the White Worm (Lord Fubbes, 2004-12-13)
The Haunted - rEVOLVEr (Lord Fubbes, 2004-11-25)
Blindman Kills - Like Nothing Happened (Lord Fubbes, 2004-10-29)
Nocte Obducta - Nektar, Teil 1: Zwölf Monde, eine Hand voll Träume (Lord Fubbes, 2004-10-13)
Lunatic Dictator - Suicide for Life (Lord Fubbes, 2004-10-07)
Vader - The Beast (Lord Fubbes, 2004-10-07)
Mor Dagor - Necropedophilia (Lord Fubbes, 2004-10-01)
The Mist - Cemetary Gates EP (Lord Fubbes, 2004-10-01)
Eradicate - Complete Eradication (Lord Fubbes, 2004-09-30)

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