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Profil von EpicEric
Name: Eric Risters ()
eMail: epiceric at
Interviews: 6 anzeigen
Reviews: 130 anzeigen
Liveberichte: 1 anzeigen
Specials: 0 anzeigen
Bevorzugte Stilrichtung: Heavy, Power, Melodic, True, Speed, Epic, Doom Metal
Deutsche Reviews von EpicEric
Unisonic - Light Of Dawn (EpicEric, 2014-08-10)
Ion Vein - Ion Vein (EpicEric, 2014-08-07)
Arthemis - Live From Hell (EpicEric, 2014-07-22)
Spellcaster - Spellcaster (EpicEric, 2014-07-05)
Unisonic - For The Kingdom (EpicEric, 2014-06-12)
High Spirits - You Are Here (EpicEric, 2014-05-30)
Thunder Lord - Heavy Metal Rage (EpicEric, 2014-05-19)
Onward - Reawaken (EpicEric, 2014-05-11)
Onward - Evermoving (EpicEric, 2014-04-25)
Sentinhell - The Advent Of Shadows (EpicEric, 2014-04-02)
Power Crue - The Sign Of Rage (EpicEric, 2014-04-02)
Axolotl - Teutonic Invaders (EpicEric, 2014-04-01)
Gun Barrel - Damage Dancer (EpicEric, 2014-03-21)
Dark Forest - Awakening (EpicEric, 2014-03-01)
Armory (US) - Empyrean Realms (EpicEric, 2014-02-24)
Metal Inquisitor - Ultima Ratio Regis (EpicEric, 2014-02-19)
Primal Fear - Delivering The Black (EpicEric, 2014-01-31)
Realmbuilder - Blue Flame Cavalry (EpicEric, 2014-01-24)
Signum Regis - Exodus (EpicEric, 2014-01-15)
Jack Starr - Out Of The Darkness (EpicEric, 2013-12-28)
Attack - The Secret Place (EpicEric, 2013-12-11)
Headstone - Burning Ambition (EpicEric, 2013-12-09)
Javelin - Fragments Of The Inner Shadow (EpicEric, 2013-12-01)
Holy Cross - Place Your Bets (EpicEric, 2013-11-18)
Argus - Beyond The Martyrs (EpicEric, 2013-11-08)
Steel Horse - In The Storm (EpicEric, 2013-10-01)
Demon Lung - The Hundreth Name (EpicEric, 2013-08-21)
Evangelist - Doominicans (EpicEric, 2013-07-24)
Reverence (US) - When Darkness Calls (EpicEric, 2013-07-15)
Circle Of Silence - The Rise Of Resistance (EpicEric, 2013-06-23)

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