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Name: Daniel Lucas ()
eMail: jos at
Interviews: 6 anzeigen
Reviews: 67 anzeigen
Liveberichte: 6 anzeigen
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Bevorzugte Stilrichtung: Hardrock, Classic Rock and Metal
10/10 Punkte: Surely not that a perfect album has been created. But wehen after a few years you still get a gooseskin its a 10/10 Album!
Deutsche Reviews von JoS
Silent Overdrive - Wake Up Call (JoS, 2009-09-07)
Tribe - Pray For Calm - Need The Chaos (JoS, 2009-08-12)
Nazareth - The Anthology (JoS, 2009-07-24)
Layment - Traces (JoS, 2009-06-04)
Crucified Barbara - 'Til death do us party (JoS, 2009-03-01)
Harmony - Chapter II: Aftermath (JoS, 2009-01-05)
TNT - Atlantis (JoS, 2009-01-05)
Girlschool - Legacy (JoS, 2008-12-02)
Loonataraxis - This Boy Is A Crying Shame (JoS, 2008-11-11)
Nikki Puppet - Power Seeker (JoS, 2008-11-08)
Dorrn - Sweet Borderliner (JoS, 2008-10-19)
Sister Sin - Switchblade Serenades (JoS, 2008-10-16)
Mourning Rise - 5 Ways To Illuminate (JoS, 2008-10-10)
Persefone - Core (JoS, 2008-10-08)
Evergrey - Torn (JoS, 2008-10-02)
Ibogaine - React (JoS, 2008-09-23)
Pure Inc. - Parasites And Worms (JoS, 2008-09-19)
Insolence - Audio War (JoS, 2008-09-19)
The Chuck Norris Experiment - The Return Of Rock'n'Roll (JoS, 2008-08-27)
Polution - Overheated (JoS, 2008-08-10)
Gypsy Rose - Another World (JoS, 2008-07-21)
Kissin' Dynamite - Steel Of Swabia (JoS, 2008-07-16)
Stonefuze - Stonefuze (JoS, 2008-07-06)
Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth (JoS, 2008-06-18)
Nervine - Rebel Hell (JoS, 2008-06-09)
Fires Of Babylon - Same (JoS, 2008-05-12)
Mass Extinction - Creations Undoing (JoS, 2008-05-12)
Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction (JoS, 2008-05-05)
Homerun - Don't Stop (JoS, 2008-05-04)
Alliance - Road To Heaven (JoS, 2008-05-03)

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