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Profil von gargantouas
Name: Dimitris Stavros ()
eMail: gargantouas at bleeding.de
Interviews: 20 anzeigen
Reviews: 0 anzeigen
Liveberichte: 3 anzeigen
Specials: 12 anzeigen
Bevorzugte Stilrichtung: Power, Prog, some extreme
10/10 Punkte: Classic, a diamond, a must have, a BUY-OR-DIE
Specials von gargantouas
Lost Diamonds Prt. 4 (gargantouas, 2004-09-28)
Lost Diamonds continuation...the fourth part of it is here. Four underground classic reviews by the long time supporter Shadowman (keep up the good work dude) as well one from me...Hope you enjoy. (zum Artikel)
Sleaszy Underground Attack (gargantouas, 2004-07-10)
So, 5 CDs from Sleaszy Rider come aboard after the small interview we did with Dark Angel Promotion. Since the albums have been released a year now, I thought of making a small special presenting you these 5 albums. What to expect? A large overdose of underground the way we used to know it on the start of 90s. Enjoy. (zum Artikel)
Lost Diamonds Prt. 3 (gargantouas, 2004-05-03)
When we started this series of specials, the intention was to make you familiar with releases that were maybe unknown to you or with ones that you have heard a lot of things about, but never took the decision to buy them for some strange reason. Either way, the previous two Lost Diamonds specials were quite good and from now on we shall try to make it a bit more regular. Well almost, as long as we have time left we will do so. With the help of the good friend Shadowmailer that has almost every underground metal release of the 80s, we will try to deepen our research and make you familiar with the lost releases that have a lot to say. I am sure that for some of these you will have to take out the Indiana Jones Equipment to get them. Enjoy the special then. 2 underground releases and 3 classic albums this time. (zum Artikel)
Thrash Metal Diamonds (gargantouas, 2004-04-22)
The idea to write this article came right after I woke up and I thought, what the hell? The only problem was that in the days of the big outbreak of thrash metal music (especially the BAY AREA scene) I was only around 6 or 7 years old. (zum Artikel)
Diamonds Prt.2 (gargantouas, 2003-08-24)
This is the second part of the special intending to present you some albums that have been lost through time, while never gained the recognition they deserved. (zum Artikel)
Iron Maiden: The Years Of The Beast - Iron Maiden (gargantouas, 2003-05-29)
Waiting on the new release from the legendary band, I sit down under the sounds of their discography to write a complete review of their presence up to now. (zum Artikel)
War Of Worlds (gargantouas, 2003-03-20)
Date: 19th of March, 2003, Time: 23:30 CET, Location: Earth. (zum Artikel)
Lost Diamonds Pt. 1 (gargantouas, 2003-02-25)
This first part of the special intents to present some albums to you that are diamonds, but unfortunately their bands have been lost... (zum Artikel)
Rage - Trapped In Their Missing World: Part II - Rage (gargantouas, 2003-01-22)
The second period of Rage had just begun. (zum Artikel)
Rage - Trapped In Their Missing World: The History - Rage (gargantouas, 2003-01-21)
Being romantic sometimes helps. Because when someone tries to write a few words about a band called Rage, then most of the time it is romance that guides him. (zum Artikel)
Progressive Metal - A Walkthrough (gargantouas, 2003-01-17)
Year: 1986. Season: Fall. Place: Berkley University. Mission: The invention of a new metal genre. (zum Artikel)
Featured Artist: Sonata Arctica - Sonata Arctica (gargantouas, 2003-01-15)
Many will ask me why I choose to write about Sonata Arctica... (zum Artikel)

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