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"Redeemer" by MACHINAE SUPREMACY in their own words

Ein Artikel von Krümel vom 04.12.2006 (7515 mal gelesen)
1. Elite
Something of a Machinae Supremacy manifesto is delivered in this intense opening metal track, telling it like it is and what it'’s all about. It'’s raw and simple with instants of video game hilarity.

2. Through The Looking Glass
A celebratory song about the titans of humanity. A beautiful piano on a bed of metal guitars makes a powerful anthem out of this straight-forward-rocking-your-balls-off track.

3. Rogue World Asylum
This outcry for contemporary awareness takes you all the way from the musical realms of pop to the down-tuned frets of video game tainted nu metal. No matter how many answers weÂ’ve got we never seem to be able to feed the starving nor make peace with our enemies.

4. Rise
We live in an age of Reality where our ever so brief attention spans are consumed by the televised cruelty and wannabe nightmares that spew out through all media outlets. We grow more and more desensitized as absurd becomes the norm, and embarrassment and pain is presented as daily entertainment.

5. I Know The Reaper
The 80s are resurrected in this old-school hard rock song about death and lies.

6. Hate
About the burning hate and frustration over your own powerlessness when someone close to you is violated, and the system works against you destroying this person even more. Heavy, down-tuned modern metal track.

7. Ghost (Beneath The Surface)
Like shapeshifters we sometimes hide beneath a second skin in our unwillingness to inconvenience those around us with our pain and grief. On the surface we are calm and brave, but just beneath it a tempest of pain and despair rages out of control. This is probably the most "“emo"” song Machinae Supremacy has ever done. ;-)

8. Seventeen
All coins have two sides. And sure as hell the politicians of rich
countries aren'’t sending their young and poor to die for the sake of any interest but their own. Even if the sales pitch reads "“Freedom"”, the main purpose is not. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by delusions of righteousness. A punk metal track with major video game elements throughout.

9. Ronin
One day you may open your eyes and see everything in a new light. The world could be yours if only your mind could hold it, and there are some who walk the Earth who truly possess this ability. An experimental but heavy SID ballad.

10. Oki Kumas Adventure
This laidback but epic rock song is about a big bear who fought to save the world, and was immortalized in legend. The stories of his deeds are passed from generation to generation, and Kuma lives on forever through them.

11. Reanimator
The third song in the March of The Undead series is about longing for the revolutionary spark to fuel the fire of change, and for the will to rage against this pacified existence to yet again swell among our population. The song evolves from horror-movie style synthesizers and gentle vocals to a massive modern metal climax.


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04.12.2006 "Redeemer" by MACHINAE SUPREMACY in their own words (von Krümel)

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