PSYCHOPUNCH - "Kamikaze Love Reducer" in own words

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1. 'Poison alley groove':
The record kicks off with a guitar riff that will stick with you for ages and the lyrics goes out to all the bullshit people on one of VST (Västerås) more shady streets. A catchy piece of rock’n’roll. Makes Mumbles wanna grab what ever drinkable in sight and hit the streets to look for some fun.

2. 'Overrated':
A really great song with a chorus that gets stuck in your head and wont let go! Well...what can I say...many things in life are overrated. Kind of sad lyrics but still it kicks ass they way life should do. “Can you tell me what it is, give me one last painful kiss, when there’s no one else around” We all loose a few loved once on our journey through life, this is a sad song really....
“Wonder why it sounds so happy then?”

3. 'Everlasting':
This song is about a couple that promise each other that they will "stand" by their partners way of life but still gets pissed and hate it but still wants to stay! DESIRE!!!!

4. 'On the stereo':
Think this is the fastest one on the record. A real ass kickin’ song where I wanted to capture the feeling of going to a party with some friends and suddenly you hear your favourite song "on the stereo" and it gets you in a fucking great mood. The party continues in a club till they close (mid/slow part) where you favourite song keeps spinning in your heard....then the solo and the last chorus is the ultimate afterparty! This is a killer! Fast and furious, no mercy - it’s rock’ n’roll.

5. 'When this world is dying':
We were sitting on a balcony in Italy having a few beers just “jamming” a bit with the guitars. JM and Joey played the song and Mumbles shouted “Damn, we just have to record this one!” It’s slower than we ever played before but we have the feeling that we still have our own “touch” on it especially since the chorus is so “powerful”.
It’s a real “heartbreaking” song.. “Tell me who is crying – when this world is dying”
Wrote it years ago on an acoustic guitar.. never thought that we would record it. But it turned out fucking great!

6. 'Two empty hands':
Ever had the feeling you’ve been cheated?
Well.. we have, so it sometimes doesn’t matter how hard you try, you wind up with...
As melancholic as it gets dudes and dudettes. Take a listen and see what it does for you.

7. 'Someone like you':
This song is about having had hot sweaty unbelievable great sex.. “I wanna make you high – after we can die” and “your sweat is dripping down on me – like a river to the sea” is there anything more to say!? Hell yeah, Mumbles adds: “This was the first one we rehearsed for this album and also the only one we knew what it would sound like once recorded. As always we fooled ourselves.....Again! We’ll get you for this some day Pelle!!!”

8. 'Like a fake heart love reaction':
It’s just a long middlefinger in the sky to all the people who pretends to be friends but talks behind your back and also to those ones that keeps promising things but wont keep their promises.. they are all full of shit!
So what did we learn about this? People are not always what they appear to be, and that sucks. So here is a size 12 right in their nuts!

9. 'Comin´ right through':
After countless flights all over Europe, we sure as hell know how to get very drunk in airports and on aeroplanes.
On 20.000 feet with a cold drink things don’t bother you as much as on the ground. Here is a salute to where we’ve been and to where ever we are going in the future.

10. 'The black river song':
“A nice drinking song about VST, friends we have and friends we lost”, Joey and JM comment, “Alcohol may not solve the problem but it makes you feel a whole lot better for a while.” Mumbles takes over here, “not many people can NOT relate to this song. Most of us been there, done that and are doing it still. A song about ordinary life in most places in this world as we know it. I wanna take my hat off for the working class everywhere.” Listen to the lyrics man!! (VIM-Bad News)


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