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Lost Diamonds Pt. 5

Ein Artikel von Shadowman vom 07.02.2005 (5720 mal gelesen)
Our long time supporter and metalhead (almost) since the first day Shadowman once more opens his treasure chest for us all and introduces 3 more Lost Diamonds.

PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquisition (Cover)
PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquisition

Metal Inquisition... Well what can I say except this: if you have actually managed to obtain this album, on vinyl, on CD or whatever, be extremely proud, you are holding the very best underground album of the 80's in your metal claws... How's that for starters?
PILEDRIVER was a Canadian band formed as a project around the legendary Piledriver. Even after 20 years I never bothered to look up this guys real name. No need for that really, one shouldn't mess around with legends.
So what makes this album so special? Quite simple: this is an unique work of art. This is Heavy Metal the way it was meant to be.
Unequalled compositions, riffs that haunt your brain for days to come, and above all, raw energy bundled together in 7 masterpieces filled with madness, shocking lyrics and horrifying screams emerging straight from the crypts of hell...
This album was made in 1984 and as you can see way, way ahead of its time.
Is this black metal? Is this death metal? No: this is PILEDRIVER.
Beware, if you are getting your kicks by minute long flawless duelling guitars, keep out!
If on the other hand you want to jump blindfolded in a pool of metal emotions and want to be flooded by the beauty of ugliness and brutality get this album now and I mean now...
Allow me to finish with this PILEDRIVER quote:
We're the metal inquisition, we've come to search you out
Once you to see things our way, you won't have any doubt
You better wear some leather, you better wear some chains
Don't try to resist us, it'll only bring you pain

Metal Inquisition
Sex with Satan
Sodomize the Dead
With Hunt
Pile Driver
Human Sacrifice
Alien Rape

RAZOR - Executioners Song (Cover)
RAZOR - Executioners Song
Canada ruled big time in the midst 80's on the metal front and RAZOR were no exception to this rule. What are we dealing with here? Briefly stated: speed, speed and more speed.
From 'Take this Torch' to the closing song 'The End', RAZOR makes Lamborghini look like a scooter with a rhinoceros on it. Now the most common misconception about speed metal is that the compositions are being neglected and the sound is almost always messy, especially for albums being made around that time period: 1985. Well, listen for yourself and find out that RAZOR took all these hazardous cliffs with the greatest ease...
Sure the production would have been better with 2005 technology but don't let this spoil the fun. Vocalist Stace "sheepdog" McLaren and his mates take you on a suicide mission with 'Executioner's song'. Consider this album as an unforgettable trip to the very core of Speed Metal, a collision course into oblivion...

Take this Torch
Fast and Loud
City of Damnation
Escape the Fire
March of Death
Distant Thunder
Hot Metal
Time Bomb
The End

CHATEAUX - Chained and Desperate (Cover)
CHATEAUX - Chained and Desperate
For this third Lost Diamond we turn the speed knob down by quite a few turns since CHATEAUX made metal which has absolutely nothing to do with the two bands mentioned above.
Chained and Desperate was the debut album of this English – despite the name - band consisting of Alec Houston, Andre Baylis, Tim Broughton and Steve Grimmett. The album was recorded and mixed in 1983 in the Ebony Studios by Daryl Johnston, quite a big name around that time.
Shortly after the third album 'Highly Strung' the band disbanded. Should we feel sorry for that? Yes, we should. CHATEAUX have placed an impressive footprint in Metals history and this mainly thanks to "Chained and Desperate"... Well thought-out compositions interlarded with superb bass- and guitar work and - this is what makes CHATEAUX stand out above the rest - room for many sublime performed solos. And as if all this wasn't enough, Steve Grimmett is blessed with one of the cleanest voices I have ever heard. Just listen to maybe the best power ballad of that decade: 'Shine on Forever'.
Reasons enough to conclude that CHATEAUX created a true masterpiece some 22 years ago. With the proper accompaniment and promotion this band could have made it to eternal stardom.

Tracklist :
Chained and Desperate
Spirit of the CHATEAUX
Burn out at Dawn
The Dawn Surrendered
Straight to the Heart
Baton Rouge
Son of Seattle
Shine on Forever


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