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Memories of a Pioneer

Ein Artikel von evilshell vom 17.06.2004 (9892 mal gelesen)
In the late 1980's, Shelley Slater (an independent scene writer and then-wife of our bassist, Fetus) had an opportunity for an interview with Quorthon. At the time, our band had signed with New Renaissance Records with whom Quorthon had an affiliation. So, Jeannie Hill from New Renaissance was also there. Jeannie wanted to meet with the guys from Intense Mutilation to discuss our plans for our debut album. The meeting point was the outdoor cafe of a Midtown NYC Hotel.

We were not sure how the two representative IM band members should dress. We figured that Quorthon probably had a sense of humor. So, we decided to both wear a suit and tie... and our wrestling masks that we wear on stage.

So, here we are - the five of us. Quorthon, Shelley, Jeannie Hill with the two of us in a suit and masks at an outdoor cafe. If we tried a stunt like that today in New York, cops would beat the two us worse than Rodney King.

We tried to get Quorthon to crack a smile - no dice. The man was all business. At one point, Jeannie bought us all a round of drinks. I took a barf bag (the ones you get on an airplane) out of my suit pocket, dumped the drink into the barf bag and start to drink out of the bag with a straw.

No smile - all business as Shelley and Quorthon went thru their Q and A.

We took a shot and asked if the two of us could have our picture taken with him. In hindsight, Ron Jeremy would have had a better chance of having his picture taken with the Pope.

Very, very few people get rich from this business and yet Quorthon made this business his life.


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