A Visit to Baracuda

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When I moved from Zurich to Basel, Switzerland about a year ago, it dawned on me that the next town, just a couple of kilometers away, was Weil am Rhein, Germany. This small border town spawned the 80s German thrash legends DESTRUCTION. Then I found out that Schmier from DESTRUCTION had a restaurant nearby named Baracuda. I, of course, decided I had to go there. After all, DESTRUCTION was one of those legendary bands from that period of my youth when thrash was evolving and a German band was "so far away" to my American mind. So, having Schmier's restaurant only a 20 minute or so drive away was a genuine novelty, and I had to go! It was as much a tribute to the band that I remember so well from 20 years ago as it was simple curiosity that took me to Baracuda.

We drove up to Istein, a village in southwestern Germany, about 10 or 15 kilometers from Weil am Rhein. Not knowing what to expect from Baracuda, we nearly drove past the highly nondescript building that looked like almost any other house-based restaurant in Germany.


Inside, there is a relatively nondescript restaurant, with beige tile, a mirrored wall, lots of artificial plants and a few alcohol advertising signs. In a small room away from the restaurant, there was a less mundane looking bar.


We got there not long after opening and since we were the only customers there we decided to sit in the restaurant. We found out the cook wasn't on duty until 5pm, another hour and a half, so we just had drinks. Nobody else came in while we were there, but we only stayed about half an hour.


After our drinks, we explored a little bit. The bar room was decorated with a smattering of alcohol advertising posters, DESTRUCTION posters, a large Jägermeister banner on the ceiling, along with video games and a jukebox with mannequin legs. The jukebox sported DESTRUCTION, MANOWAR MOTÖRHEAD, SAVATAGE, etc. along with some more mainstream music. It had more of the feel I was expecting from the entire place, but still I felt it was lacking something.

The Bar
The Bar

It is definitely a place for the locals to come and have some pizza or wurst and beer. I guess we weren't the only ones to stumble in there as a result of Destruction, as the waitress barely batted an eye as the photos were taken and English spoken by a Slovakian-Swiss, a Swede and an American sitting at her table. However, I also got the feeling that curious Destruction fans were not the normal customers at Baracuda.

All in all, it was disappointing, but I don't regret taking the short journey up to see the place. I guess that I was expecting it to be a bit more extreme, less normal and mundane. We could all picture your typical 40-something worker coming in after a long day, having a beer and pizza with his family, joking around with everyone in the place because in such a small community, most people tend to know each other.

It was silly of me to have such expectations, I know. I've been to some of the various businesses owned by Martin Ain (CELTIC FROST) in Zurich, and they aren't what you'd expect, either. Though I hear Martin's newest club, Mascotte (http://www.mascotte.ch), has a very interesting punk and metal karaoke night, complete with live band to back you up instead of a recording. Next time I get down to Zurich, I should try to check it out. If I do, you'll be the first to hear about it.

If you're in southwestern Germany, make a detour to Baracuda. While we didn't see Schmier, you never know – you might. And let us know how the pizza is!
All photos by Jesper Anderson


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