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In own words: Latest albums by CALVARIUM and DEATHCHAIN

Ein Artikel von Odin vom 09.04.2004 (7329 mal gelesen)
CALVARIUM – "The Skull Of Golgotha"

In Own Words

'Horns of Hate' — The lyric of this song is all about my personal relationship with hatred. Hate is almost like an religious experience for me. It drives me through variable feelings and states of mind from aggression to pure insanity. Like the hatred controls me, not I controlling the hate. The horns I describe in this lyric are like materialised gift of hate granted by master Satan. As christianity is of course maybe the most influential factor creating this hate, the horns in the lyric are used as a weapon against the christian filth. MUSIC: Icludes riffs from my Alghazanth times back in year '95, one of the best songs from album in my mind.

'Jumalviha' — Translated as “God hate” or “Hate of God”. Jumalviha is all about denying the light of christ and accepting the inner evil in man, walking into darkness and not looking back. Too many people live in destructive self-denial and they should just deny god and welcome the night time strenght and honour. MUSIC: Melancholic and slow-tempo blasphemy with simple riffs. No mercy to god!

'Death Worship' — I’m sure that every person involved in Black Metal has had at least at one point thoughts of suicide and self-destruction. This one is created in one of those times of my own. Death worship describes a sacrificial suicide; a worship of death which ends in the summoning of demons from realms beyond that commit the final act of kill. MUSIC: Music draws the line to its fast speed and catchy song structures.

'Siunatun Surma' — Translation for this one could be something like “The Kill of the Blessed One”. This lyric is a perfect example of a lyric spawned from pure hate. It describes an extremely brutal and torturous way of killing. A victim beaten near death and then tortured and mocked. When he’s lying suffering he’s made humiliated and disgraced victim unable to fight the power overcoming his. The body is desecrated and buried after painful death and the king of heavenly light ends up to be the feast of worms. MUSIC: People has said that this is in the vein of Gorgoroth, blaah, maybe some similarity can be found but still in the true Calvarium style. Best song from CD I could say, the new stuff is very similar to this.

'Dedication In Misanthropy' — I got inspiration for this lyric watching a documentary of concentration camps and other cruelties under the reign of Hitler and his nazies in Germany. Never has man been so productive as inventing different ways of torture and weapons of war, instruments of hurting other people. Man truly is the best (worst?) kind of misanthrope! “Dedication…” hails and salutes those individuals who have achieved misery and death upon mankind; serial killers, dictators, torturers etc. MUSIC: The newest and worst song in my opionion though the second riff is amazing, let the machine gun execute the worthless cum. Thanks.

DEATHCHAIN - "Deadmeat Disciples"

So here's the short description of the songs on the "Deadmeat Disciples" presented by Bobby Undertaker:


- An opening track in a true sense of the word. Our newest song, actually. We did it very fast, in just a day or two. Fast riffs and tough demping througout the song. Lyrics tells about nuclear weapons and about what kind of maniacs possess them nowdays. It's a prophecy of doom.

02. Rabid Vultures

- Fast forward from the beginning 'till the mid-tempo solo part. Lyrics are a bit humorous concerning those flesh-eating maniacs - Rabid Vultures!

03. Poltergeist (The Nemesis)

- Taken from our 2002 demo "Poltergeist", but now played with kick ass speed and drive. Very fast, very straight forward and basically a three-riff song. Very simple but it's like a fist on your face. Tells a story about an evil spirit and the death it brings.

04. March of the Thousand Legions

- Yet another song telling stories about doomsday legions marching the final march on earth. Nothing too tricky here, just like a straight march from the beginning 'til the end.

05. Carnal Damage

- Starts with a very deathmetal kind of a riff and leads you to the bloody battlefields. Actually it tells a story of a modern soldier who is so eager to command and conquer, but when the acid rain burns his skin he's not so sure is it really worth it. A few nice demps here and there.

06. Undertaker

- Yet another song taken from our "Poltergeist" - demo. Very old song from the very first days of Deathchain. In both playing- and storywise very traditional heavy song. It tells a story about an undertaker who's haunted with his past of his priest molesting him as a child. At the end the old Taker gets his revenge and the priests get a good taste of his shovel!

07. Skeletal Claws

- Pretty old song too. Very simple song, only a few riffs on it but it's pretty fast though. Wondering about life after death.

08. Carrier of Pestilence

- Basically our drummer contributed the main riffs of the song. Very very old school song, thrash and standard heavy together. One of the four horsemen is spreading the disease!

09. Deadmeat Disciples

- The titletrack of the album and a true killer from the beginning til the end. One of my personal favourites for sure. Very fast riffs in the vein of Slayer and Morbid Angel. One hell of a song and great finish for the album. It's about a cult of cannibals who perform their sick rituals on the crypts!


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07.04.2004 The Skull Of Golgotha(6.0/10) von Opa Steve


09.04.2004 In own words: Latest albums by CALVARIUM and DEATHCHAIN (von Odin)

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