10.11.2002    Henny Wolter verläßt PRIMAL FEAR   (19328 mal gelesen)
Die deutschen Power Metal Heroen von Primal Fear haben den Verlust von Gitarrist Henny Wolter (ex-Thunderhead) bekanntgegeben und nennen zugleich den Sinner Axtschwinger Tom Naumann als Nachfolger.

Hier die offizielle Stellungnahme der Band:

"Hi fans & supportes of the Metal Commando. Today we have to make a shocking announcement, and to be honest, we don't have relaxed days behind us. Henny will leave the band regarding his private life. Henny is a great human being and he will be our friend forever. Unusual for a rock band, this spilt was indeed amicable. His replacement will be a founding member of the band and he will give his comeback on the forthcoming Brazil tour — a warm welcome again to Mr. Tom Naumann! It's time to look forward now and after the touring commitments this year, we will start straight with the songwriting for the new album!"

Henny Wolter selbst läßt die Fans wissen:

"Dear fans and friends, this is a hard announcement for me to make and I've been thinking about it for quite a while. It has been a pretty busy year for all of us, and we've been touring and recording a lot. Being in this band demands everyone's full concentration and readiness to sacrifice much of your private life and time for music. Since I feel I have to sort out some important things in my private life, I am no longer sure I can give PF the 100 percent of attention and dedication that the band deserves. So after all, I have come to the decision that I will be leaving the band to make way for someone who is ready to bring in the necessary 100 percent. I want to thank all PF fans out there for making these past three years one of the most enjoyable and greatest period in my life and I would especially like to thank Ralf, Mat, Stefan and Klaus for all the good times we've had. These guys are some of the best in music business (believe me, I know them). I know they're gonna keep kicking your little asses very hard and I wish them the best for their further career. Thank you all and see you guys on tour. Your true fan, Henny Wolter."

(Quelle: blabbermouth.net)

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