Livebericht Saxon (mit Masterplan )

Ein Livebericht von gargantouas aus Athen (Gagarin 205) - 20.04.2007 (9838 mal gelesen)
Well, what can I say?..? It has been two years since I last wrote something for Bleeding…Writing here is one of the best things that happened in my life….and I come back with a live review about one of the most influential bands on the metal scene. Maybe the most important band of the NWOBHM. SAXON….
To be really honest with everyone I haven’t been the most dedicated fan of this band, which after yesterday will surely change.
The really bad thing is that due to Athens traffic I wasn’t able to catch the support act MASTERPLAN….”thumbs” up also to the agency that arranged the concert since on the tickets they have announced that there will be a support act on the concert…Anyway, got the chance to see Mike Terrana playing a very impressive drum solo and a couple of songs from the band that really didn’t impress me at all…
After all the energy was building up on the Gagarin Club for the “Eagles to Land”…Having released their new album, SAXON opened up their gig with ‘State Of Grace’ and the club caught fire….I couldn’t believe my ears not was able to believe the energy that these guys could actually give open handy to all the metalheads in the club…from that point on please don’t ask me about the set list. Things went really crazy and all I could do is actually enjoy my time on this magnificent live. All the classics were there. ‘Motorcycle Man’, ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’, ‘747 (Strangers in The Night)’ , ‘20000 ft.’, ‘Wheels Of Steel’ -where Biff played a lot with the audience- as well as a lot of tracks from their latest album “The Inner Sanctum”, as already mentioned ‘State Of Grace’, ‘Let Me Feel Your Power’, ‘Red Star Falling’, ‘I ‘ve got To Rock (to stay Alive)’, ‘If I was You’ , ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and ‘Atila The Hun’ as the opening on their encore. But the part that will always remain in my memory as the top moments of the concert will be first ‘Princess Of The Night’ where the ground went crazy and the band followed. We were all singing as loud as we could and SAXON just followed along with all the power they could unleash.
‘Crusader’ was even louder and was even more energetic…we all got the chills in the club singing and tearing our throats along with Biff Byford. I am sure it couldn’t get any better….The closing ‘Denim And Leather’ was just a perfect ending to a perfect gig with all the club singing along with the band once more.
I cannot even describe my feelings having seen one of the most legendary bands of Heavy Metal. Sometimes they say that old wine is the best. I guess SAXON proved that the best way last night in Athens… My advice, if SAXON play near you don’t miss them. Believe me you are not going to regret the energy and the amazing sound the band produces live.
No matter how many years have passed by, I guess the Eagle Will keep on Landing still…
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Gagarin 205 in Athen (Greece)


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