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Interview mit Timo Kotipelto (vocals) von Kotipelto

Ein Interview von Souleraser vom 22.04.2004 (5602 mal gelesen)
Timo Kotipelto took some time to answer my questions about "Coldness", the past, the future and the things that should not be.

Hello Timo! The Promo-Copy of "Coldness" was sent out by Century Media quite a long time before the release of the record. Have you already received much feedback on it? If so, how was it?

Timo: Some of the journalists really seem to like the album. But then again, are they just nice to me?

How do you after all feel about the album? Are you 100% satisfied?

Timo: I am never 100% satisfied to anything I do. But concidering everything, it's pretty ok.

A very interesting line-up was responsible for playing the album. With Janne Wirman from CHILDREN OF BODOM for example there's a member of a band that sounds much more aggressive and dark than what anyone has in mind when hearing the name "Timo Kotipelto". How did you chose the band members and how did you get in contact for example with Janne Wirman?

Timo: Most of the guys are very good friends of mine, especially Janne and Mirka. They also played on my first album: "Waiting for the Dawn". I concider myself a lucky guy because I have good friends who are also excellent players. Janne is one of the most talented keyboardist I have even seen.

Every review I read so far agrees with my personal feeling that "Coldness" is quite a dark album. Is there something like a depressive mood on it or are we all wrong?

Timo: You are right. I composed the songs about a year ago and I already had some problems in my private life. When I wrote the lyrics between last August-December my longtime relatioship with my girlfriend came to an end and all that band shit came down as well. It wasn't easy to be happy back then...

[I thought about asking the following few questions for quite some time, but I think not asking them wouldn't be responsible either. If you don't want to answer these it is absolutely okay.]

So, how did you feel after becoming a "victim" of Tolkkis last "clean sweep" at STRATOVARIUS?

Timo: Well...frustrated and of course I was pissed.

Was "Coldness" already recorded at that point or did these events maybe have influence on the sound of the album?

Timo: They sure had influence. My emotions were not very happy when I started recording the vocal in December. Also they effected the lyrics on some level.

Was there a moment when you were afraid of the future?

Timo: Not really. Eventhough I don't know what the future brings. But I have gained so much in my career so far, a lot of great experiences. I will take what ever comes on my way.

The last question on this topic: Do you keep yourself informed about the events at STRATOVARIUS? Did you take notice of the most recent events, like the stalker who attacked Tolkki or stuff like that?

Timo: I am not really interested what is going on in the Stratocamp. I know about the stabbing because I was on the same festival with them. I won't tolerate any violence.

As far as I know there are not much live events planned for 2004. You are going to be in Italy on May, 7th and you will be at the WACKEN OPEN AIR. Are you trying to get some rest or are further gigs planned? Maybe even a little tour at the end of 2004?

Timo: We have about 9 shows or something that we should still do with Stratovarius. At the moment I am not sure if they will happen, Tolkki was in the hospital because of a very bad depression. My own shows will start in July. Some gigs in Finland, Wacken Open Air, propably some other festivals. I also hope to do a short European tour in the autumn.

Will we have to wait another 2 years for the next album or are you already working on new stuff?

Timo: I am not yet working on it. I have some ideas but it's too early to start the actual composing.

If you had the choice of all musicians, living or dead, what would be the line-up of your dreams for the third KOTIPELTO-album?

Timo: Janne Wirman, Mirka Rantanen, Mike Romeo and a bass player... oh yeah...and maybe even me...

Well, that's about everything I suppose. I thank you for your time and answering my questions. My best wishes are with you and I hope to talk to you sometime again. The last words of this interview belong to you.

Timo: You are very welcome! Take care! Timo


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19.04.2004 Coldness(8.5/10) von Souleraser


22.04.2004 von Souleraser

22.04.2004 von Souleraser

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