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Interview mit Aksu Hanttu (drums) von Entwine

Ein Interview von Souleraser vom 07.04.2004 (6254 mal gelesen)
ENTWINE did a really great album with "diEversity". Definitely good enough to increase interest in the band and therefore enough motivation to do an interview. Drummer Aksu Hanttu took some time to answer my questions.

  Hello ENTWINE! I suppose you already read or heard about my review on "diEversity", so I don't have to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to it.

  Did you already receive much feedback on "diEversity"? If so, how was it?

Aksu:   Yeah, we have got a lot of very good feedback from everywhere. We felt that now we made a very good album and it's very nice to get know that people around the world also like it.

  And how do you yourself feel about the record?

Aksu:   We really like our new album. Our new stuff is definitely our kind of music and that stuff is very nice to play. Personally I have ever had that good feelings about our own stuff as I have now.

  Already the title "diEversity" is interesting for itself. I suppose amongst other things it is already some kind of promise about the music on the album being varied. Is there another meaning and does the strange way of writing the title have any meaning?

Aksu:   Of course it reflects the album a lot, that is the whole point of the title. Jaani found that name first as 'working title' during the song writing process. Then afterwards it was very hard to forget that name and try to find some other title for the album because that name had been so long in our mind. So, we decided to keep it. The capital E was added because of the pronunciation in the States (die-versity) and cause it adds some death stuff in the word. The E in itself stands for Entwine of course.

  How's work shared in the band? Who writes the lyrics and the music?

Aksu:   We work in common most of the time. Usually me, Tom, Jaani and Joni start jamming with someone's idea (mostly Tom's ideas). It all starts with a guitar riff or some keyboard part which Tom also makes. We compose the whole song nearly ready and then we record a demo version of it and give it to Mika who writes the melodies and lyrics.

  ENTWINE already exist for 9 years, as far as I know. If you look back, how are your feelings about the past years? Are there maybe things you wouldn't do again if you had the chance to?

Aksu:   Actually 7 years. Entwine has been since 1997. Me and tom had one band before that but it really wasn't Entwine. The name and music style was totally different and it was totally different band in everyway. Just a small kind of correction of our history. Anyway, I'm very satisfied to these years. The band is seven years old and has made four albums. Not bad. Some bands have to work several years before they finally got an opportunity to make their first album. Sure there are some things that would be done better in some way. One could be our former album 'Time of despair'. That album we really did with too busy time schedule. When we went to the studio these songs wasn't ready yet. That's why the time ran out in the studio and because of that, we made a fucking long days and that we can hear from the cd. That's pity but at least we really learned by that experience how to do things on next time and so we did.

  Are there already things planned for the 10th anniversary?

Aksu:   Not yet but some kind of best of Entwine CD compilation would be a good idea after ten years.. And then of course a huge tour with that.

  You'll be touring Finland during March. Is there any chance of having you here in Germany or the adjacent countries?

Aksu:   There is some plans to tour on out side of finland on next autumn. But there is nothing sure yet. We really hope that it would work!!

  Earlier this year I did an interview with Janne Tolonen from MISERY INC. who told me, your drummer Aksu Hanttu did the mixing for their record "Yesterday's Grave". Where do you know MISERY INC. from?

Aksu:   Actually I produced and engineered that album and Nino Laurenne (the owner of that studio where we made that album and also known from the band Thunderstone) did the mixing. Sure I was there doing the mixing with Nino but he did the work. These guys from Misery Inc just contact me and asked me to produce their album. I didn't know the guys before that. Nice guys and cool music. I really recommend to check out.

  Well, that's about everything. I wish you much success for the album and the tour in your homecountry. I also hope to see you here in Germany maybe this year and perhaps have the chance to talk to you again. Thanks for your time and answering my questions! The last words in this interview belong to you.

Aksu:   Yeah, these old good ones: Visit on our websites There is a lot of everything (samples, video clips, merchandise, tour info and stuff). Hope to see you soon on tour! Rock on!!


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