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Interview mit Pierre-Yves von Auspex

Ein Interview von Mandragora vom 27.02.2008 (5911 mal gelesen)
Because of releasing their new album "Resolutio", it lies nearby that we had some intresting questions for AUSPEX, the young band from Grenoble.

 Hey AUSPEX, First of all thank you for having this interview with us. Would you first introduce yourself and your band to our readers? (What is your band history etc.?)

Pierre-Yves:  AUSPEX is based in Grenoble France, in the middle of the Alps. It has been created by Pierre-Yves and Guillaume (the former guitarist) back in 2002. We have had a few changes in the line up since but we're now steady with Elodie vocals, Lionel and Arthur guitars, Alexis bass, Pierre-Yves keyboard, and Frederic drums. A first demo called “Mysteries of the Stars” was released in 2005 and our first full length album, Resolutio, has been released on Thundering records in December 2007.

 What does Auspex Mean?

Pierre-Yves:  AUSPEX is a Latin word that can means augury. That was the name of priests in antiquity who were used to observe the phenomena of nature (like birds flights, leaves fall, clouds moves...) to get elements on how things must happen in the future. We choose this name because it perfectly fits a number of feelings and question we all have about life and its reality. It recalls us future, chance, time, choices, destiny, and several aspects of realities.

 With female vocals it is obvious, that you are compared with other bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation or Lyriel. What are the differences between you and your stile concerning to other bands?

Pierre-Yves:   Actually, it is not that obvious... most of the reviewers fortunately highlights the differences between on one hand, Elodie's voice and other traditional female metal vocals, and on the other hand, the whole AUSPEX sound and feeling and the others female metal bands. Our point of view about this is that there are two main differences: Elodie's vocals are not basically lyrical but much more “Rock’n’Roll” compared with other female singers. The second point is, according to us, the arrangements which are maybe more progressive, less epic…

 What is your favourite song on your album and why? You have strong parts like RHAPSODY ON FIRE on your album- are the songs a little dedicated to them?

Pierre-Yves:   Everyone of us has his own favourites song and it would be too long to explain the reasons here: Elodie: A King's Crown for a Wealthy Weak and Mysteries of the Stars Lionel: Theater Of Pain Arthur: Mysteries of the Stars and King's Crown for a Wealthy Weak Fred: Rise and Theater Of Pain Alex: Lost and King's Crown for a Wealthy Weak Pierre-Yves: Phantoms and King's Crown for a Wealthy Weak We have many different influences in the band; one of them might be RHAPSODY... But the songs are absolutely not dedicated to this band or any others actually.

  What are your plans besides your new album? Are you going on tour or something like that? Is a new album planned?

Pierre-Yves:   Yes of course, a new album is on the way but we can’t say when it’ll be ready. We’re about to begin the period of intense work on this second album right now. We don’t progress very fast to be honest and the process of making an album takes us a lot of time, the album is being built brick by brick. We’re still looking for concerts and organizing some as well. We have to handle those two aspects of the band’s life at the same time...

 Which is your favourite band ever and why?

Pierre-Yves:   AUSPEX is the gathering of six different (though compatible) persons with different sensibilities, different nature, different tastes.... everyone of us has its own private room full of personal musical stuff but we do agree on unavoidable bands like DREAM THEATRE, PINK-FLOYD, QUEEN, LED ZEPPELIN, THE BEATLES, TOOL, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN...

 Are there some other projects besides AUSPEX?

Pierre-Yves:   Some of us play in other bands but AUSPEX represent a lot of work and we can’t all afford such exotic excursions ;-)

 How have you come to Thundering Records?

Pierre-Yves:   We produced the album by ourselves with the help of Brett Caldas-Lima who recorded mixed and mastered it. After that, we sent a load of promo packs to labels around the world. Thundering Records appreciated “Resolutio” and make offered us a deal for its release, deal that we decided to accept. So far, everything takes place properly.

 There are not so many French metal bands I have heard of, what would you say what is the reason for that phenomenon?

Pierre-Yves:   Well… Not enough promotion I guess… because there are plenty of gorgeous bands in France, whatever the kind of metal you like...

 What are you thinking about this very big hype around your presidents Sarkozy and Carla Bruni?

Pierre-Yves:   This is soooo boring…

 Is there something that you really want to say but you have never been asked? Then feel free:

Pierre-Yves:  Here are some pictures from our last show (including dancers, choirs, more musicians…): http://augursknights.free.fr/en/enews.htm

 Thank you for your support and thumbs up for your very nice album!

Pierre-Yves:  Thank you for this interview, we’re glad that you liked “Resolutio”!


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