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Interview mit Camilo von Novembre

Ein Interview von Mandragora vom 21.01.2008 (7315 mal gelesen)
Due to the release of their new album "The Blue" we asked the band NOVEMBRE for an interview. Carmilo, the singer and guitarist of the band, answered our questions and gave deep insight into his soul.

  Hey Camilo. First of all thank you for having this interview with us.

Carmilo:   You’re more than welcome!

  Even though you are becoming more and more famous, not all of our readers know so much about you. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about the bandhistory etc.?

Carmilo:   Well, NOVEMBRE officially formed in early ’95, did 2 albums (“Wish I Could Dream It Again…” and “Arte Novecento”) for an indie label, both recorded in Sweden by famous producer Dan Swano. In ’98 we got signed with C.Media for which we released “Classica” (’99), “Novembrine Waltz” (’01) and “Dreams d’Azur” (’03). Soon after we left the German label and got signed for the UK’s Peaceville Records for which we released “Materia” in 2006 and “The Blue” now!

  Why have you changed your bandname from CATACOMB to NOVEMBRE? And what does this name stand for?

Carmilo:   Back then, around ‘92/93, the scene was reaaally overcrowded with emotional-Death-Metal wanna-bes. All the My Dying Bride’s clones were popping out from everywhere and we needed to change name because we were leaving the “gore-horror” area for the atmospheric one. Moreover there was another band with our same name. We absolutely wanted to avoid a dull name. When I came out with this idea we were a bit afraid people would not accept a non-English name… But something told me it was worth the risk. That name was so similar to its English equivalent. Moreover, the odds another band would come out with the same idea were about zero. Then, this name, if kept in Italian, has an amazing sonance, which gets a bit lost in its English equivalent. So it just worked out.

  Your new album “The Blue” has been recorded in Finland by Mikko Karmila. What was it like to work with him and how was the work going on?

Carmilo:   He’s such a professional guy. He knows his job. He just mixed the songs on his own and when he was done, he would call us to fix the details. Very fast and pro. Just the way it should be.

  What is the main point in your texts?

Carmilo:   There’s no point actually. It’s just concealed-in-poetry thoughts. Words are used as an ornament to pack remote thoughts. Thoughts, I otherwise would never express.

  Have you been satisfied with the reactions on your new album “The Blue”?

Carmilo:   Absolutely! Reviews were just astonishing and people loved it. It’s gonna be issued in Japan too.

  What was your favourite album till today and why?

Carmilo:   This last one, because it reflects what we are today.

  What is your favourite song on “The Blue” and why?

Carmilo:   I’d say ‘Zenith’, which is an instrumental, except for a vocal line at its climax. That song was a total challenge. It’s a long one, there’re acoustic parts fading into distorted ones; There’re classic guitar parts played upon distortions (which is a pain to make it work). Then we’ve never been practical with keyboards but we were able to win it over… And the song is so beautiful! I’m happy people noticed as well.

  I am sure of having heard female voices in ‘Nascence’, it was really great. Who was it and why is this the only song with female vocals?

Carmilo:   The singer is called Francesca Iacorossi and she’s a professional opera singer. She made the song work. ‘Nascence’ was born to be male-female sung. I knew it had to be this way. My brother recorded some vocal parts of hers, with the band she sings in, namely OBLIVIO. So he called me and told me about her. We had a hearing and the thing was done.

  What is the source of your ideas and is there a concept behind your songs respectively albums?

Carmilo:   The source is what I feel in the very moment I need to write the lyrics, always! Lyrics are always the last thing that is written. Sometimes, it’s even a week before recording the vocals. Therefore they’re always in the flow and from the very depths.

  After having released “Materia” you changed labels, why?

Carmilo:   To be precise, we changed label after the re-release of our first album, namely “Dreams d’Azur”. The reason is because we didn’t trust each others anymore. We felt they wouldn’t properly support us anymore and they felt we weren’t the right band for them, which most times results in making an album after the other, with no promotional effort. In Peaceville, this has obviously changed.

  What are your feelings concerning music?

Carmilo:   It’s many things. It’s our saviour in the dark moments. It’s also a noise to cover up thoughts we don’t wanna hear. It’s the uttermost harmony of the noise… It’s the only thing aiming to our soul, we don’t seem to stop.

  What do you think about translating foreign languages with google or other programs like that?

Carmilo:   It’s good if u wanna get a rough idea of what’s going on. But no more than that.

  Last I have a question concerning your ideas about prejudices? Are they mostly created because of their core is true? Or what do you think?

Carmilo:   Mmm, very unusual question, I have to say! I somehow have the feeling you’re asking this because of our nationality and the issues between the Italian immigrants and you German people! I might be wrong but I’m sure never read such a question, put to a UK’s band. Not a big deal anyways ;) Whatever, I think the truth always stands in between. Wherever there’s prejudice, there’s always misbehaviour from a side, and fear for the belongings (land, wealth, women) from the other.

  That's all, I thank you for having read the questions and hope you will answer. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!  Yours sincerely Mandragora

Carmilo:   Thank you very, very much :)


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