Interview mit Tobbe von Blinded Colony

Ein Interview von Vikingsgaard vom 29.12.2006 (4208 mal gelesen)
Blinded Colony`s Tobias Olsson (git) has told me something via E-mail.

Hej Tobbe! At first I will thank you for your patience with me and my "Oxford"-English!!

Tobbe: No problem...

How did BC get acquainted with Pivotal Rockordings?

Tobbe: We found Pivotal in late 2005 and started talking with them since we knew they did a good job with SONIC SYNDICATE. So far everything has worked very smoothly and we totally satisfied with their work for us.

"Bedtime Prayers" is an real good Album and you have played some gigs in the past, but nobody knows the songs. Is that an frustrating situation?

Tobbe: Kind of, but the release of the album is the 12th January so we count on people knowing the songs. Anyway when it's a crowd who hasn't heard you music you gotta work harder and hopefully some of them will enjoy it and buy the album.

I know now that you don't want to be compared with IN FLAMES or other stuff, but what are your musical backgrounds or influences?

Tobbe: Everyone in the band listens to different kind of music so it's hard to say where we have our influences. It's really mixed.

Is there a bigger tour or some festival intended after the realease stuff, especially in germany?

Tobbe: Yeah we're doing a big european tour with EKTOMORF and KAYSER, you can check out the dates on our website.

I've seen you on stage and it looks all very professional. How long do you play together in the actual line-up?

Tobbe: It's been this line-up since early 2005. If you want to be professional you've got to act professional. People pay hard earned money to see us and we don´t want to disappoint anyone.

At "Bedtime Prayers" there are some keyboard-styles. Can you imagine that there will be more keyboards involved on the next album, or is this already the maximum?

Tobbe: No I think it's the maxium, the songs we've started working on lately have been less keyboard-oriented.

I've listened to your CD so many times but I can not find a song that sucks. How do you 'work', what is the secret?

Tobbe: Thanks. Eh I don't know the secret, I guess you have to spend some time on the songs and don't be satisfied directly.

Johan has an great voice, also on stage! Does he have a vocal-training or why is it so powerful?

Tobbe: He's actually a drummer so I don't have a clue where he got his good lungs from and he hasn't had any vocal-training.

The last one for the moment...There are so many good bands somewhere without an label-contract. Do you have an straight tip to that dudes?

Tobbe: Do as many gigs as you can even if it means playing for 10 people, if you're good those 10 people will tell their friends about you and they will also come on the next gig and so on. Also be sure to have good promo with good sound, if you can't afford it sell you car or whatever. You have to decide what´s most important in your life and if it's music spend all your time on it.

Ok, thx for that!

Tobbe: No problem. Auf Wiedersehen!


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