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Interview mit Bif Naked von Bif Naked

Ein Interview von Souleraser vom 18.05.2006 (7184 mal gelesen)
Bif Naked, front lady of her very own band BIF NAKED, kindly took some time to answer my questions which not only dealt with the new album "Superbeautifulmonster". In the interview, she confirmed my impression of her being a very smart person who successfully unites wild and a calm aspects in her personality.


In the videoclip for 'Let down', you're wearing quite a number of different outfits and appear in various styles. Are you what most consider to be a typical female which enjoys putting on different outfits and make-up or was it rather exhausting and perhaps even annoying?

Bif: It was fun doing the 'Letdown' video because I wear all my own clothes. I am a girly-girl at heart and I love makeup and girly clothes and playing dress up! It was a fabulous shoot!

Is there a deeper meaning behind 'Funeral of a Good Girl'?

Bif: 'Funeral of a good girl' is basically a song about lust and being really into someone. I am not a promiscuous person and it is out of my character to be sexually aggressive (contrary to popular belief), so the "good girl" in me would have to be dead, in order for me to exhibit naughty behaviour. Haha!

From what I read, 'After a while' was very important for you to appear on the album. Why?

Bif: 'After a while' is a very sad song, confessing to my listeners that I was depressed and felt a lot of isolation, alienation, and despair. Its a pretty personal lyric, and I'm, essentially, putting myself down. It still is too sad a song for me to perform.

You decided to have a cover version of METALLICA's 'Nothing else matters' on the album and also recorded a (very cool) video clip for that. Why this particular track from that particular band?

Bif: METALLICA is one of my all-time favorite bands in the Universe, and 'Nothing Else Matters' is my favorite METALLICA song. I always wanted to cover this song and was so happy when Dave Fortman (the producer) wanted to work on this particular song with me.

All in all, "Superbeautifulmonster" is what might be called a "typical BIF NAKED album" as far as it includes fast and aggressive punk rock songs as well as slow and vulnerable ballads, while the personal and intimate songs seem to have a slight overweight - at least they seem to be a little more influental on the album's general mood. Do you agree?

Bif: "Superbeautifulmonster" is the saddest record out of all four studio records ("BIF NAKED", "I BIFICUS", "PURGE" were before "SUPERBEAUTIFULMONSTER") and I am most proud of this latest because I am at a very unstable place in my emotional life. I am currently working on more songs and they seem to start where "Superbeautifulmonster" left off: more dark and more self-depricating. Its where I am at as a writer.

Which type of songs do you find harder to write? The punk rock tracks or the ballads?

Bif: I find writing effortless. I write lyrics and poems everyday. Whether the song becomes a punkrock song or a ballad makes little difference for me. They are all very theraputic to write. I love writing.

I'd like to apologize straight away for asking this question, but I just have to ask: Do you somehow consider yourself to be part of the "riot girl" movement in any way?

Bif: I never understood what a "riot girl" was. I still don't. But I have been in punk and metal bands since 1990 and I used to get in lots of fist fights on stage. I used to spit in the faces of the fighters. I would play my shows with a bloody nose. I got my teeth knocked out, on stage, in front of 1500 fans in 96 It was a great era!!!!! Hahahaha! I love my musical history because all of these memories and vivd experiences I will take to my grave. I have had a great time. A riot of a good time! Haha!

Do you feel related to your Indian heritage? If so, how much and in which way?

Bif: I have a deep connection with my Indian birthplace, because its the only heratige I know. I was adopted and my biological mother was also adopted, so nobody knows what our heratige is! I always had a connection to India because its the only connection I have.

I read a quote from you which says something like "Being on the road with a band is the best way to live." You're living this life for more than ten years already and it doesn't really seem like you're going to stop. So, how much longer do you think will you be willing and able to keep this up?

Bif: I love touring because I have been doing it since I was a teenager. Its all I know. My band boys and crew boys are my brothers- my family. We have good relationships and mutual love and understanding. We are family who live on a bus together for months at a time. Plus, everynight we get the priveledge of playing a show. It really is such a wonderful life for me! :)

Did you ever have to fight prejudice like having to proove you're more than just a good looking girl?

Bif: Haha! Thank you for the compliment, but I have never considered myself "good-looking". I don't find I've ever been discriminated against for being a "good looking" girl. Mostly, if I have experienced any prejiduce, its because I look like a tattooed-squeegy-girl-window-washer! Haahha!

Imagine we'd have 2106 now and people could read about you in the future's version of a history book. In one sentence, be it a quote or a (self-)description, what would they be reading?

Bif: If there could be one sentence written about me I would like it to be: "BIF NAKED: artist of sonic, written and visual mediums...freedom fighter...spreader of purelove"

Thank you very much for your time and for answering my questions. I hope you have a great tour and much success with "Superbeautifulmonster". The final statement of this interview belongs to you. Feel free to express yourself ;)

Bif: My last answer is simply a request to readers: be patient and kind and loving as we have only this one life and it will be over in the blink of an eye. Be grateful for everything you HAVE and worry not about the things you don't have, as they are unimportant and being attatched to desires only brings suffering. Fight the Good Fight and know that time heals everything but Love and Righteousness heals everything faster. Be at peace with yourself and with others and above all else- respect the Earth and all its Sentient Beings and they will love you back. Peace and love and OM NAMA SHIVAYA.

Thanks! :)


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