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Interview mit Markus Toivonen (v,g) von Ensiferum

Ein Interview von Souleraser vom 09.05.2006 (9158 mal gelesen)
Though I was very, very late asking ENSIFERUM a few questions, founding member Markus Toivonen kindly took some time to answer them.

Hi there. More than 2 years have passed since "Iron", your last studio album. What has happened in these years?

Markus: Hello. We have done few European tours and many shows. Also there have been these line-up changes which have took a lot’s of band’s time and energy. Furthermore we released a new mini-cd called “Dragonheads” on February 2006 and we had 10th anniversary live concert which we recorded also. That show will be released this Summer as a DVD format.

3 years passed between your debut and "Iron" and another 2 years between "Iron" and "Dragonheads". Will we have to wait another 2 or three years for a new full-length album or can we expect it perhaps in late 2006 or early 2007?

Markus: We have book the studio for next November-December. And the third album will be released hopefully on February 2007.

How does the band feel about the tracks on "Dragonheads"? Are they like a snapshot of the band's situation at that certain period of time or are they perhaps showing a general direction for future ENSIFERUM-songs?

Markus: We like that song but it’s just a one song and there will be lots of different kind of songs in next album. Maybe there will be same kind stuff also and some “original” Ensiferum sound and something new.

What about the 'Finnish Medley'? Where did the idea come from to record it and put it on the disc? Are the chosen tracks special somehow?

Markus: There was something like five nice finnish songs and we choosed these three from them and put them together. We really like these songs and we wanted to do something special instead of doing some “normal” covers like Metallica etc. For example the part from “Myrskyluodon Maija” really fascinated me in that time when I founded Ensiferum.

What about the line-up changes? How well did the new members fit into the band and how well did the three other members adept to the new situation?

Markus: The new members have done really good job and our team spirit and feeling is nowadays something super special. All these three new members are talented musicians and very nice fellows.

Your live schedule for 2006 is quite busy with lots of appearances on smaller and bigger festivals. Is there an event you're especially looking forward to?

Markus: There will be some new countries like Italy, Norway and Ireland where we haven’t played yet so those are especially interesting. But of course we are waiting all of these festivals.

Thanks for your time and answering my questions. I wish you much fun for all your gigs.

Markus: Thanks!


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