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Interview mit Sakis von Rotting Christ

Ein Interview von gargantouas vom 06.10.2004 (4556 mal gelesen)
"Sanctus Diavolos" released two weeks ago. I was completelly struck by the experimintation of ROTTING CHRIST and surely wanted to contact with the mastermind of the band Sakis, in order to question him. another mailer but with a lot of interesting things, enjoy.

 Hi Saki, thank you very much for being one more time with us here on Bleeding For Metal. Also my congratulations for "Sanctus Diavolos" which is one of your best releases so far. Tell me, what are the responses of the press and the fans so far for "Sanctus Diavolos"?

Sakis:  Yes really positive a really push up to go release another album cause being in our 9th album people could easily fed up with our music but seems that they respond positive my friend.

  To me "Sanctus Diavolos" was a surprise. I have noticed some back to the roots elements on the previous album "Genesis", but "Sanctus Diavolos" surely contains some cursed black metal tunes. Would you agree that with "Sanctus Diavolos" the band returns to a more black metal face?

Sakis:  Definitely yes..SANCTUS DIAVOLOS is a fair album representing 100% our current thoughts and ideas about music. It is an album that was working for more than a year it is a soul dedication and it is our darkest and more Black Metal release ever. Maybe we are getting more fans and active member of our scene lately and this album is a production of that turn.

  I would also think that "Sanctus Diavolos" becomes your biggest experimental work. Although I don't like the word experimental to be used in music, but for example 'Visions Of A Blind Order' maintains some even industrial elements. 'You My Cross' sounds so strange while 'Sanctimonius' is something I never heard before from the band. This experiment with some of the songs on "Sanctus Diavolos" came as a fear of not repeating yourself or to open new roads for ROTTING CHRIST in the future (ex. More industrial elements in the future)?

Sakis:   As I told you SANCTUS DIAVOLOS is a fair soul's dedication and yes it includes experimentation something that is established in ROTTING CHRIST career. We always have something new to give to the listener something sick I guess and it is definitely is given more than ever with that album...But the feeling and the sound remains as always DARK remains ROTTING .or not? [EN:Hell Yes...curse as always]

  Another thing that struck me was the used of classical arrangements, especially the female choir arrangements. I guess you actually had the real choir in the studio and these were not samplers. Apparently the choir works great, tell me was it difficult for you to create and orchestrate the classical arrangements and in what ways this help the evolution of the sound of ROTTING CHRIST? I am asking because a lot of bands do this, while on "Sanctus Diavolos" the use of the choir and the classical arrangements give a lot to the final result.

Sakis:   Yes it was a decision of me after finishing up with the recordings cause I didn't want to record again with samples as I did in Genesis so I asked the help of my friend CHRISTOS ANTONIOU (CHAOSTAR) to help me out with the choir thing after giving them the melodies I had written (finding me 8 professionals) and the result is giving in my opinion the cursed feeling we were looking for...

  I was used to a dark feeling from ROTTING CHRIST's music. However the blackness on "Sanctus Diavolos" overcomes everything. It is surely the darkest album I have ever heard from you. How come it grew to be so dark?

Sakis:   I do not know. Maybe to much psychological problems this year...maybe too much souls' searching. I do not know. Sometimes I am scared from the dark feelings I exploring...At least I am lucky that I do put them out with ROTTING CHRIST

  Another thing that struck me was sometimes the use of folk elements in the music. For example on the start of 'Athanati Este' where I believe the intro melody progression maintains some greek folk influences. Is that true and if yes since it works so good, are we going to hear some of this in the future?

Sakis:  Yes this song is based on Arabian instruments actually and the lyrics are Greek. Yes an ethnic tune but still diabolical. As for the future I have no idea for the moment...But definitely we will bring something new!

  You have also used Greek lyrics on this album. 'Athanati Este' and 'Shades Of Evil' you whisper some greek words (unfortunately I didn't get the lyrics along with the promo). How come the use of the greek language? This adds a bit more to the dark and gothic atmosphere you wanted to establish on "Sanctus Diavolos"?

Sakis:   Yes exactly...Ancient Greek have something to add in an atmospheric music

  The lyrical content on "Sanctus Diavolos" is surely dark. Do you want to enlighten us on what subjects the band is trying to come across with the lyrics?

Sakis:   The lyrics face our anti religions views in a more mature way this time.....So the concept are an urge to humanity to burn out the fearing flame that God desired to reign on

  You have also become a trio since Kostas and George left the band. I guess you are going to use session musicians on the live concerts or you are going to have two more people to replace the two widowed positions on ROTTING CHRIST?

Sakis:  Playing in a band when you reach the age of 30 years old ain't the most secure thing cause the guys preferred to choose the more proper life way having a normal job something that is totally respectful and understandable....so the three remains goes on the rotting trip and ex Septic Flesh guitarist Alexis has joined the band currently and it seems that he will remains cause he has this rock n roll attitude and he is a brilliant player.

  Of course you are going to tour for "Sanctus Diavolos". Can you tell me if this is going to be a headlining tour, what support bands you are going to have and which countries you are going to visit?

Sakis:  ROTTING CHRIST without touring can not be existed so as soon as an album is out we hit the road by playing headline or co-headline or support all around the globe.

  What would be the musical message you want to spread on "Sanctus Diavolos"?

Sakis:  Music must make you feel something after the listening of an album...If it makes you pathetic then...you do not gain your goal as musician.

  When you started the band back in the late 80s would you expect that in 2004 you would have a tribute album release? How did the release of "An Evil Existence For Rotting Christ" made you feel, and if you have heard the album how would you comment on that?

Sakis:  No of course...we were just thinking to play a show or to release an album...Concerning now the tribute album. I can only describe my feelings with the word PROUD as this make a band rich in its heart and as soon as we will be back in South America we will pay the respect back to our South American Black Metal brothers. HORNS UP

  The front cover designed also by Seth is a bit strange. What does the front cover want to come across to?

Sakis:   We wanted something dark to represent our last albums concept we wanted a face to be good and bad simultaneously so we asked from the master of design Seth to do something sick to draw the saint devil ... and he did it!

  I think I am going to release you from the torturing of writing answers. Once more thank you very much for taking the time to answer to my questions as well as once more congratulations for maybe the best album of ROTTING CHRIST. The last words are for you, please feel free to add whatever I forgot to ask you and you want to say to the readers of bleeding. Good luck Saki, you really kick major ass.



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