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Interview mit Herman von Shadowlord

Ein Interview von TexJoachim vom 29.09.2004 (5279 mal gelesen)
Unfortunately I missed the chance to interview Shadowlord's Heavy-Metal-Herman while he was on his partying/promotion tour through Europe. Luckily, I got an email audience with the guitarist after his return to South Africa.

To be honest, South Africa isn't actually known for its exports in metal. What is the local scene like?

Herman: Well of course the scene is really small compared to Europe. Therefore we can work a hundred times harder and receive much less attention. That is why I try to focus on a European market and not the SA one. We are the only Metal band in the country with clean vocals and shit like that.

Could you give some information on SHADOWLORD's history?

Herman: We were formed in 1999, and I am the only surviving forming member. We are on member number 3 of each other one. In other words: third drummer, third vocalist etc.. I am very happy with the line-up at the moment though.

You have written most of the songs. Are you more creative than your mates and your songs had a higher quality, or did the others simply let you write to your hearts content and chose not to contribute that much?

Herman: Not that im more creative, I always try to motivate my bandmates to help with writing and so on, it just never seems to happen. I think I might be more proliferous though in a sense that I always write and keep writing. It is the way that I express myself and I just can't stop writing.

On the other hand, with seventy minutes of music for a debut you might be holding a record. Could it be that all of the songs that were ever written for SHADOWLORD are featured on the CD?

Herman: Nope, we had a couple of fights on which songs should be featured. As I said, I'm always writing, and we could have given out a 140 minute album. We decided that 12 songs are better, but the critics have been slamming us that the album is too long, the labels and people we've been negotiating with feel the same. I think that the next album will be around 45 min.

I heard of your interesting way to promote your latest release. Whose idea was it to pack a number of CDs and travel through Europe?

Herman: Haha, well that was my idea, and although it cost me a hell of a lot more than I got out of it, it was still an amazing experience! Still hoping to sign some sort of deal someday. We have received offers from South Africa but we won't be getting any more help than what we are achieving by ourselves.

Has it paid off yet? Well, of course apart from giving you a great time on festivals and hanging out with fans.

Herman: Well, a couple of reviews, interviews and such, but nothing substantial label-wise. People are too scared to sign a band from South Africa.

While speaking of hanging out with fans, the booklet shows you performing at a swimming pool. Is there any chance that you will perform at European pools in the future? Or will we have to travel to South Africa to enjoy such a party?

Herman: Do you have pools like that? I think that you'd have to travel to sunny SA to see such things happen man. The strangest shit keeps happening here: Last weekend we played on some festival on a farm and the animals and shit were walking around in the crowd!!

Thank you very much for the interview. May the record deal come soon!


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01.10.2004 Shadowlord(7.5/10) von TexJoachim


29.09.2004 von TexJoachim

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