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Interview mit Chris von Chris Caffery

Ein Interview von gargantouas vom 10.09.2004 (4987 mal gelesen)
I wanted so much to talk to Chris Caffery on the phone but unfortunately something didnt not allow me to do so. Even so, I sent him a couple of questions about his first solo CD "Faces" and here are his responses.

  Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to communicate. First of all congratulations for "Faces", which is a very good album. I wanted to ask you, after 20 years that you are playing music, what was the reason that made you release your first solo album now?

Chris:   Hi! Thanks for the interview! I have been getting this question a lot! Seriously, I do not think I was ready to do a solo CD until now. I think I could have done an instrumental CD...or a CD with other singers, but I do not think I was ready to do this CD until this year.

  Are there any songs on "Faces" that were meant for SAVATAGE or any other project that finally came up to be on your solo album?

Chris:   Maybe a few ideas here and there, but for the most part, the songs were written in the last 24 months with this CD in mind.

  "Faces" has indeed a lot of faces. What I mean is that someone can listen to almost every form of heavy metal as it is played in America. From hard rock, to very heavy moments, from acoustic tracks to touching ballads. Was that you intention when you composed the songs for "Faces", I mean to have as many different vies of heavy metal in your music?

Chris:   I think I have a lot more faces inside me. I have played and listened to so many different types of music. I think every metal band has done some sort of variety, some resembling just about everything I have done, I just have used a lot more of them on 1 CD. The idea of the title Faces is to show as many different Faces of Chris Caffery that I can. Musical and personal.

  I obviously can sense some SAVATAGE influences on your music, mostly from the 80s period but also from the latest material of SAVATAGE. What were your actual influences while you were composing "Faces"?

Chris:   Savatage is a huge influence on everything I do. Tough for it not to be. There are so many influences. Guitar...songwriting and now singing. From Priest and Sabbath to Schenker and Steve Morse to Ray Gillen and Ronnie Dio...

  I can sense the lyrics are quite aggressive as it concerns the political issues. For example a song that really impressed me was 'Pisses Me Off'. What is the deal with the lyrics on this album (since the aren't any on the promo) and especially with 'Pisses Me Off'?

Chris:   The lyrics are reality based. My life..my emotions. Faces is very personal to me. GDWar is a time line about the modern War.

  Unfortunately I haven't received "God Damn War" that will be released along with "Faces". I sense that this album has to do with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Can you tell me if this is true and what is the deal with this album, musically?

Chris:   Musically GDWar is my Heavy Metal Face. I wrote 65 songs. Many were about me, many were about the war and politics. The album is very dark and aggressive. It is more tradition al heavy metal. A huge part of my soul musically.

  This is also your first time on lead vocals. I have read various things on how your voice sounds, but I would say that you were influenced quite a lot from John Oliva. (It is also quite amazing that again you are able to sing various kinds of songs, from the most heavy to the acoustic ballads. How did it come to you to actually sing the lead vocals on the albums and are you satisfied with it?

Chris:   I just started singing some of my demos. Mostly to complete song idea while writing. I liked the way my voice sounded and developed it. I use it like an instrument. It gets better all of the time. I am very happy with the vocals on the CD...but I know I can kick its butt now if I was to sing it again!

 I don't know if you have planned any live gigs or tour but can you enlighten me on the matter?

Chris:   I am going to tour a lot in 2005...all over...festivals, opening, headlining...whatever I can do and wherever I can do it!

  Isn't it a little bit difficult to actually both sing and play the guitar on stage?

Chris:   We will find this out!!! I am excited for the challenge!

  How was the line up for your solo project album came together? Are you going to be the same people on the stage? (Morris, Dave Z and Jeff Plate)?

Chris:   I am hoping the line-up will be the same...Jeff Plate for sure. Dave Z it depends on his personal schedule. I am hoping Paul Morris can make it for sure too.

  Another thing that really surprised me was the fact that you signed with a Greek Record label (Black Lotus Recs). What is the story behind this?

Chris:   A mutual friend got me in touch with Black Lotus. I was looking for a lot of support and belief from a label. They were interested and flew me to Greece to talk. They listened to 3 songs and we discussed a deal. I am very happy with my home in Greece!!!

  Do you think you are going to do more solo albums in the future or this was just a break from SAVATAGE?

Chris:   I think I will do many solo CD's..this is just the beginning! I am so excited every time I sing. The voice gets so much better. It is like a new toy! I cant wait for the future!

  Can you give us any news from SAVATAGE and TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA?

Chris:   TSO has a new CD coming out in October. The new tour begins November 11th.Savatage will hit the studio next year to do its anniversary CD. I am not sure when it will be released for sure!

  When the name Criss Oliva comes to your mind, what do you think? What are the memories from him?

Chris:   Criss was a great musician and a great friend. I miss him now more than ever. He was one of the most natural musicians I have ever seen. Everything he played was magical! He is a true legend and I am proud to have known him and worked beside him,

  Chris thank you very much for your answers. I really wanted to talk to you on the phone but other things did not allowed me to do so. There were a dozen more questions waiting for you, but I don't want to tire you. The last words are for you and for the readers of Bleeding. Once more thank you very much for your time and the best of things on your way.

Chris:   Thanks to everyone for their support through out the years and I hope you enjoy my CD's...I will see you on the road! Cheers!


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