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Interview mit Makis von Negative Creeps

Ein Interview von gargantouas vom 06.07.2004 (2805 mal gelesen)
As I always said, when the album is great, what better chance to get some words from the band. "Mutual Annihilation" from my country mates NEGATIVE CREEPS is a stunning example of metalcore so I took the time to write a few questions to the throat of the band Makis, that had to say some interesting things.

  Hi Maki. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer to my questions and congratulations for this magnificent album, "Mutual Annihilation" that melts brains. Although a bit early, do you have any reactions from the media and the fans?

Makis:   Hello there! First of all I would like to thank you on behalf of N.C. for your great review and the grade you gave us for the new CD and also for your comments about it.As you said it is very early for reactions and stuff like that but as far as I know,people that have heard it are very satisfied both from the musical side of the CD and also from the art work.We believe that "Mutual Annihilation" is very solid,complete and concrete and that it is one of our best tries till now.

  You are describing your music as thrashing metalcore. Where would you likely categorize "Mutual Annihilation", on the hardcore or o the metal scene?

Makis:   The thing is that we play something in between with a lot of thrash and some death crossings which is something that you will find for sure by listening to "Mutual Annihilation", but if someone must categorize it we prefer the term Thrash-Metalcore.

  What was the process of songwriting for "Mutual Annihilation" and how much time did it take you to complete the album?

Makis:   We begun to work on new material just after the release of "Inuterus Rebirth".John our main guitar player had a lot of new ideas so he worked on them again and again,the rest of us listened adding our comments and discussing about the new material.The main work was made by John.To complete the album took nearly two,two and a half months,talking about recording sessions,mix,mastering and more mastering,photos and all the art stuff and discussions on discussions,but the hole try begun very early just after the release of"Inutrus Rebirth" as I said.

  If I ask you to describe me "Mutual Annihilation" through a prism of influences, which ones would have come to your mind?

Makis:   Well this is a tough one...There are so many music genres from were we are influenced that this could take hours! Briefly some of the main influences,as it is mentioned in the bands bio,are Hatebreed,Heaven Shall Burn,Dew Scented and not forgetting our main roots from bands like Slayer,Sepultura,Pantera...You can listen to a mix of many genres by listening to Negative Creeps but always brought to you with our personal touch.There is a lot of Thrash,Metal and Hardcore,and even crossings to Death and Black Metal.This is what we mean when we use the term "Satancore" to describe our music.It is the mix of the above which is something that happens very successful with "Mutual Annihilation".

  I have also noticed that on the album there are a lot of melodic crossings. For example on songs like 'Methods Of Dissonance' or on 'Lateral Losses'. Do NEGATIVE CREEPS address also to classic heavy metal listeners and not only to the fans of the extreme music?

Makis:   Metal and all the sub genres are a kind of extreme music.I believe that Negative Creeps addresses to all the metal fans in general.Someone who claims that he loves this kind of music must be open-minded and have a lot of music influences.There are some limits for sure and we all have ours too but trying new things or maybe old ones is something that a true friend of music if you like,must do!

  A very positive aspect about the album is also the production. Tell how did you manage to come across such a great sound and who was responsible for the production?

Makis:   After the end of the recording session what we had in our hands was just a basic raw version of our new CD. The man who is responsible for what you listen now is John.He came up with some mastered versions of "Mutual Annihilation"of his own, and after a lot of listening and discussions between us,the final result came up.So basically John did it.

  I have read on the CD that your lyrics are mostly allegoric. The CD didn't have any lyrics so would you please tell me which are the subjects that our lyrics come across?

Makis:   We want our lyrics to be raw and straight!We talk about things in our every day life,in our society as it is today and how we feel and think about all this.We do not live in a world of peace and harmony.I have said before that we are fed up with the poison of the lie of the so called world wide democracy because it does not exists.Human race has gone totally mad and most of the humans aim to gain more money and power and domination not caring how much harm they may cause.These are the main subjects of our lyrics and an expression of how we feel about all this.We also write about personal thoughts and experiences.The allegory goes to the way the lyrics are written sometimes...you must read between the lines.

  The front cover also reminded me some gore situations. What does exactly this front cover want to come across to the listeners?

Makis:   We came up with the photos and Seth did what he knows to do best.Create through his art.The truth is that it is a bit goreish if I can use this term,but again here someone can give his own version of it.I for example see the remains of lady justice or lady democracy if you prefer, lying on a some kind of surgical bed or something like a small surgical wheel wagon or maybe the remains of an annihilation...There is some allegory here too don't you think?

  As it concerns the live shows, do you have anything on the horizon for this summer or later this year?

Makis:   Mainly summer for us is a dead season.There are some thoughts for one appearance in Indy Festival which happens every summer in Athens but this is just a thought.We don't have any more plans for this summer but maybe something will come up. After the release,which we expect to happen in the end of June according our label Black Lotus,everything is possible and I believe in winter we will spread our sound in any possible way.

  Can you talk to me about your experiences on this live gig that you did with ROTTING CHRIST on Izmir of Turkey?

Makis:   One of the best experiences that happened to us!!!!!The whole thing from the beginning when we left from Greece.The trip,Izmir,the people over there and the show its self is a thing to remember for ever!It was our first show abroad so the feeling was a bit awkward but after the first a couple of hours in Turkey the feeling was damn great.We didn't expect the kind of reaction metal fans had when we played live.Everyone went crazy!They were head banging,and screaming and do the mosh dance all the time.Unforgetable!!!!I want to say a big hell_o and thanx for everything to our new friends over there and hope to see them all again soon so we can all go crazy again.Also a big thanx and the bands respect to the Rotting ones.For one more time they sow to everyone that we must help eachother.Something that they do without expecting something for return.We just have a good time with a lot of fun too!!!They are true and we are proud that we have played with them so many times and also to be friends with them.

  Ok can you tell me what do you think about the Heavy Metal scene of Greece. Do you think that it is going upwards and that greek metal bands can look in the face bands from Italy or Germany?

Makis:   The thing with Greece is that most people like those stupid folk, or not, songs with no meaning at all and the refrain to be heard about 1 million times in the same song.Metal scene doesn't have too much free space because of those stupid,narrow minded so called humans,like them.BUT!!!We stand strong and in the past recent years I have seen a lot of great bands making great efforts.We can look in the face everyone because we have nothing less than the bands from other countries.We must try for sure all the time more and more but we have a great future ahead of us.

  How did the name NEGATIVE CREEPS came out?

Makis:   We go back with this one!We were making our first steps and believe me those were the real underground days!So one day and as we were in a train going for one more rehearsal,John came to me and told me that he had hared a song from Nirvana which was called Negative Creep and what did I think about making it Negative Creeps and use it as the bands name.I liked it then and as the time went by it became more and more representative for the band.Nowadays we are very used to it and it is something that we all have inside us.It is like a family thing.

  When you started with NEGATIVE CREEPS, what were your hopes and dreams for this band? Any of them or possibly all of them have become reality?

Makis:   The hopes and dreams we had were the hopes and dreams every new band has on the beginning.Live shows,a contract with a label,some kind of recognition,more live shows...I think we have achieved those things in some point and the truth is that we never stop.We always have this need to play and create as it was from day one.This need keeps us moving on.

  What do you listen to your stereo these days?

Makis:   Nothing in particular just go to my CD collection and pick a CD. This can be a thrash CD or even a stoner CD or just a good old Motorhead CD...I do listen to "Mutual Annihilation" a lot. I like it very much but I also want to get used to it and practice the songs too.

  Maki thank you very much for the time. If there is something that I forgot to ask you and you want to add for the readers of Bleeding, please do so here ok? One more time congratulations and thank you for the interview.

Makis:   I want to thank you for the interview and your interest about the band. To all the humans out there...Keep your mind safe!!!!


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